My First Designer!

Hurray! Fish and Chips has finally received her first designer item!!!!! I got it in a sale, but still, my first designer yay!!!!! Needless to say I have been heavily influenced by the older sister, who has been my sole influence since years ago, I wouldn’t even know who Jimmy Choo or Louis Vuitton was… in fact, I don’t consider myself a materialistic person and I just don’t see why hundreds of people would buy bags worth over $500 or something…but since my interest in BJD dolls are considered somewhat of a luxury already due to their price (which matches a designer bag on some levels), I guess I am guilty because…

I bought a Michael Kors bag.

It is the Michael Kors Hamilton saffiano tote, which is the same material as the Prada wallet I reviewed about (the wallet belongs to my sister). The bag as it was displayed on the website didn’t specify what colour it was, but I think it’s like a camel, sand-like colour. This is what it looks like hurrhurr:



Sorry, you’ll have to excuse the crappy quality of the pictures since I took them with my phone instead of the Sony HD camera. The bag itself, because it is made of the saffiano leather, it is actually pretty sturdy and can carry a lot of things. The bag has a lot of compartments inside and came with a card with the Michael Kors logo with instructions about how to ‘care’ for the bag lol. Basically it said over time, the tanned leather of the bag might lose colour or change colour due to long-term use and/or exposure to heat but will become more ‘enhanced’ with a natural look. I guess I’ll try and keep my bag away from black jackets and coats then.

This is the Michael Kors lock up close (it’s pretty heavy but very shiiiiiiiiny!!!!).


This is the Michael Kors key up close.


This is a view of the bag from the side where you can see the chain strap, which is very high quality and the strap itself rests very nicely on your shoulder (also, as you can see the bag is pretty big…).


And the hamilton tote came with a drawstring bag. It’s made out of a rather flimsy material and it has the Michael Kors logo on it.


Here is the logo up close.


Well, there you have it! My first designer bag :))) I hope this post has helped anyone else who is considering the hamilton tote. It’s very sturdy and can carry a lot of things, although the bottom of the bag is a bit flimsy though. The straps are very robust too! I saw someone put their designer bag on the floor once @___@ Sorry, but I cannot do that to this bag, it’s too precious TT_TT””


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