Hey everyone, there’s a new otome game from the same people who did Dandelion Wishes Brought to You called Nameless. At first I thought the developers were being lazy and actually hadn’t bothered to make a title for the game but I think the game actually is called Nameless. You can find out more here:

There’s already a tonne of stuff for sale such as mugs, keyrings and Drama CDs so I guess it’s already been news about it for some time but as usual I am so dang slow and behind >o< Sorry. Anyway, here’s what I managed to get from the website. It is a game revolving around BJD, which if you remember from a previous post of mine, stands for Ball Jointed Dolls which are extremely expensive but beautiful dolls that greatly resemble people… Crobidoll is mentioned, which is a BJD manufacturer, so I guess the game is about the female protagonist going with one of her dolls.

Anyway, the protagonist is called Eri and here is some of the guys she can go with. Eri lives alone in her grandpa’s house, obsessing quietly over her BJDs.


Lance. I don’t get how Cheritz’s guys, the ones who has long hair…why does it have to be silver coloured?


Tei. He’s perhaps the only one who looks like a BJD. And he likes coffee! Me too! <333


Red. Hey, Red looks like the Red Ranger from Koisentai Love & Peace the PSP. Don’t you think so too?


Yeon ho. He looks like a girl! His nickname is even ‘Yellow Chick’!


Yuri. He has the ‘most mature body’ heeheeheheeeeeee!



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