Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom ~

Heya, I finally got my hands on an official ENGLISH Hakuouki game! I randomly came across it when visiting a games store (which I don’t really do anymore because everything’s so cheaper online) and then when I went to the PSP game section, wow was I surprised to find Hakuouki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. Apparently this was released last year and it’s available in the USA, but I didn’t think I’d see it in the UK (and where I live too, no doubt). Gods I feel blessed! (argh, listen to me! I sound like a character from Fire Emblem lol).

It’s in English. It’s an otome game. It’s official (and not a patch). It’s Hakuouki 😀 Although the voices are still in Japanese, but the text is completely in english so way-hey! I was actually worried it might not play but PSP is supposedly region-free; I still asked the guys behind the counter and they said it could play on an UK PSP. The CD came in this white CD sleeve though that was a little ripped in one corner TT_TT” I got the Limited Edition though and it was a little pricey but hey, it came with the soundtrack CD and an artbook…although the artbook is the same size of the box (which is about A5 to A6 sized? It’s the size of a diary).


Check it out! (Sorry for the blacked-out bit. They stuck the price tag on the box and I couldn’t peel it off properly =_____=””)

The box itself is very nice, with a picture of Hijikata in his oni-form. He looks very vampirish there but heck the whole Hakuouki story revolves around blood and blood-sucking at some point so meh.

Again, many apio

Again, many apologies for the black-out area QAQ

The artbook itself feels like an unofficial piece of work. It’s a book with pictures of all the characters, a short description, their facial expressions, and a couple of Hakuouki artwork and then ALL the CGs. I have avoided this section because I still haven’t really had the chance to play the actual Hakuouki game. I’ve played….er…the fandisk, I think (went straight for Kazama when I had the chance tee hee) and it was dissatisfactory to play the extra side stories rather than the whole thing.


The soundtrack is rather short, but heck it’s game music and it keeps replaying as a loop so I guess there’s no wonder it’s short. I’ve yet to listen every piece in its entirety but I don’t really like Hakuouki music because it’s very….well, it’s very sad, dreary and a bit dull except from a few oriental pieces now and then with acoustics and the occasional traditional Japanese music instrument like the koto and/or shamisen etc (such as ‘Fading Light’ and ‘When the Blossoms Fall’).

Anyhoo, it’s been a real treat for me and I’m looking forward in playing it. If you see it in stores, it’s up to you if you want to grab this or not (at least play it for Saito, Okita or Kazama lol) and it feels rare to me since it’s the only english otome game I have seen so far (aside from Yojimbo) for a gaming platform. I will hopefully post more of the artbook if anyone is interested :))


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