Review: Doctor Faustus @ Citizen’s Theatre

J & K Review The Day

DoctorFaustus_New2_smallPlay: Doctor Faustus

Location: Citizen’s Theatre

Running time: 2hrs 30 mins

Prices: £12 – £19

Dates: April 2013

I never know how to start off posts like these, but last night, K and I went to see a play based off Christopher Marlowe’s tale of Faustus at the Citizen’s Theatre, with Kevin Trainor (Hellboy, Sherlock) starring respectively as the leading title role of the doomed Doctor Faustus, and Siobhan Redmond (Doctors, Benidorm, Taggart) as Mephistopheles, the cunning but empathetic messenger of Lucifer. We arrived at the Citizen’s Theatre an hour before the play since we were rather unsure how to get there (since this is the first time visiting) and took a couple of minutes walking from the City Centre towards the direction Bridge Street underground station as the theatre’s website indicated. I have to admit, it is a particular shady location despite a short walk away from the bustling city, but nonetheless…

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