How to Draw Manga Tutorial: The Side View of the Head

Most of my tutorials are to show you the basics of drawing. As long as you have a good grasp of that, then you can draw anything! 🙂 This time, I’ll be demonstrating the side view, so here goes.

Step 1.

Again, let’s start with the circle. Structure is key. Even if you need to keep rubbing out lines, re-drawing or messing up the paper, just use a clean sheet of paper over the messed up one, and trace and re-draw what you just did. If you have no structure, then your pictures will not look nice at all. Don’t be lazy XDD


Step 2. 

In the circle, draw two parallel lines like this so you know where to line the eye (the red lines).step1

Step 3.

Now, depending on where your character is facing, draw a line at the EDGE of the circle like the blue line here:


Step 4.

Look at the green line now. Draw a line like this which stems from the bottom of the blue line but will reach the circle also. You can see that it is starting to look more like a human head now!


If your character is facing the other way, then your circle should look like this:


Step 5.

Using the blue and green lines, you can start using that to draw the shape of your character’s side face as well as the neck and ears.

The red lines show where to draw the eyes and the ears, because the ears are supposed to be on the same level as the eyes. To draw the nose, you need to start from the top red line and draw a curve like-line. I don’t make the nose or chin too pointy because I think it will look weird.


Step 6.

Now we can add the eyes and the mouth. Step 5 and 6 can be done in any order to be honest.


Step 7.

We can add hair now. Because the character is facing the side, I draw the bangs (if they have any) are a bit puffy and stretch out to an extent. It’s entirely up to you how to draw the hair. I usually draw it the Inuyasha-Rumiko Takahashi way because I started drawing by learning from her lol. Look at that massive hair; obviously you should tone it down so it doesn’t end up like my picture of course. And that’s basically it 🙂



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