Review: KAO Liese Prettia Bubble Hairdye in Milk Tea Brown

I’m taking a break from drawing so I decided to do a hair dye review. I can never remember what order it is – if its Liese Prettia hairdye or Prettia Liese hairdye. Anyway, today I decided to dye my hair using Liese, another Japanese brand of hairdye suitable for asian hair. I’ve never used Liese before, since I’m a Palty fan, but recently I’ve not been too pleased with Palty results because they always turn out a deep red shade after a few washes. My first hairdye review was on Palty Sparkling Blonde, which is a bleach and totally turned me orange.

You can find the review as well as my embarassing photographs here:

I got Liese hairdye in Milk Tea Brown, this shade here:


Unless your hair has been bleached, your hair will not look like that at all. If your hair is virgin black, then the hairdye will only turn your hair a lighter shade, but not the shade on the box. I found this out when I used Palty Bitter Cappuccino on my hair after my blonde experiment.

To use Liese, you put Solution 1 into Solution 2 and turn it upside down then back upright, and do that about 6-7 times. Apparently you’re not meant to shake it much. Then you squeeze the bottle and the solution will pop out of the pink nozzle as foam, which you then apply into your hair.

So this is me BEFORE:


My roots were showing although the picture does not show very well. This is my hair in indoor, sunny light. My hair which was bleached was starting to grow out too so all the tips are light brown but the top of my head was black. It looked horrible!!! I actually looked like a Doberman 😦

I decided to give a Liese a shot, and after a long time of deciding what shade to choose by using this chart:

liese chart

I decided to go for Milk Tea Brown. The colour I was really hoping for almost identical to Taeyon’s shade when she was promoting The Boys:

taeyon the boys

Obviously it’s bleached and very blonde but I was hoping to find a shade quite like this but a little darker.


Anyway, so above and there was my before-dying pic, here is my AFTER pic.


I dunno about you, but I don’t see much difference to the bottom/tips of my hair at all. I only see a difference to the top of my head, which was completely black. Now it is more of a brown shade 🙂 That’s okay, since my priority was to get rid of my ugly roots DX

Lol and here is a picture of the top of my head. You can see that ALL my black roots are gone, yay!:


And here is a picture of the side of my head:



1. One box is enough for your hair. My hair is past my shoulders but not up to my elbows and I was relatively pleased to realise that Liese gives you enough hairdye whereas Palty is so stingy that you have to buy two.

2. Liese hairdye does not foam up for me. I didn’t know if I had applied hairdye to my head so I kept applying and applying until my hair felt damp

3. Unlike Palty, which I usually leave on for 1 hour, I only left Liese on for 30 minutes.

4. Liese gives you gloves too, but they’re not MAHOOSIVE as Palty’s and actually -fit- your hands.

Ease: 3/5

It’s much easier to apply than Palty and their horrendous comb-thing. Liese just requires you to squeeze some of their foam onto the palm of your hand and slop it into your head. The only bad thing that happened to me is that it NEVER FOAMED UP in my darned head so I had a wet, damp head and I had no idea if I had put dye on my hair at all and I was worried if I’d even done it properly.

Smell: 1/5

URGH. BLEUGH. GROSS. Liese smells really bad. It’s bad enough to knock a dog out. And it’s even worse when you’re trying to dye your hair and big dollop of your hair that’s covered in dye flops in front of you and you get a big whiff of DAT SMELL. I don’t know how to describe it, but dear lord Liese smells really really bad! It does not do well in the perfume department.

Damage/Hair condition: 5/5

(Scale: 1 being ‘most damage’ and 5 being ‘least damage’)

Okay, because I bleached my hair, and I didn’t maintain it as well as I should, my hair was dry and brittle and tangled and looked absolutely horrendous the past year. However, as much as Liese requires you to shampoo afterwards, I was really surprised to go into the shower to wash off the excess dye after that 30 minute wait to find that my hair was silky smooth!!! Then I shampoo-ed and my hair was still silky smooth. Guess Liese works as a conditioner, too?

Anyhoo, this is my first time using Liese, and it’s alright. My hair feels fine and although the colour has not changed much, my roots are gone and the uneveness of my head has been smoothed out to a nice brown gradient. I do recommend Liese, but maybe not Milk Tea Brown because my hair is not much different. Yeah, so don’t have too great expectations when it comes to Liese.

Overall: 3/5


7 thoughts on “Review: KAO Liese Prettia Bubble Hairdye in Milk Tea Brown

  1. miel says:

    I’ve been using liese casis berry for years, and I’ve learned that If your hair is originally black, you should leave it for an hour or even one and a half. It’ll definitely make a difference in how bright the result will be.

    I want to try milk brown shade once I get bored of being a redhead, thanks for sharing the review!

  2. Nuclear NO Reviews says:

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    It is pretty worth enough for me. In my view, if all web owners
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    • Fish and Chips says:

      thanks 🙂 I’m not a beauty blogger or anything but most bloggers/fashion gurus/youtube peeps actually get paid to do reviews; they get items sent to them and get money for saying good things about their products. I just say it as it is (and liese is actually not that great but the results are still a little better than palty) lol

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hello I just wanted to pop in and say that I really loved your post! I have virgin (super black) hair and I’m planning on using this to dye my hair. I just have some questions to ask you because I’m super nervous!!! Okay I’m going to get started: 1) So was your hair color more close to red or more close to brown because I can’t really tell from the lighting. 2) I was wondering how the color turned out after a few months, like did it lighten up, turn really red, etc. 3) Also, I am in love with Jenn Im’s hair color from her “TMI tag” video on youtube and I was wondering if you think this dye is the best way to go considering I have never dyed my hair and I desperately love Jenn’s hair color? I’m also scared it will turn out to be too red and I don’t want that. 4) If not this color dye, if you have any suggestions for a dye that will get my hair color to look like Jenn’s? (I’ve been trying to find a good hair dye color)
    Sorry about this long spiel but I’ve tried to do research on dying hair and stumbled across your blog and I can tell you actually care and you provided really in depth descriptions and such.
    Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you!!!:) Stay awesome.

    • Fish and Chips says:

      hi! thanks for the message 🙂 No problems at all. in answer to your questions… 1) My hair was technically closer to a brown colour than red after using the dye 2) after a few months it was still brown and toned down. 3) I looked at Jenn Im and can say it is not as bright brown as her hair so maybe you will need a stronger colour. 4) You can try the Liese Marshmallow brown which I used after Milk Tea brown but er…had no time to blog about it ^^”” In my opinion I was happier with marshmallow brown and the marshmallow brown colour came out better than I thought and it was more brown than red. You generally don’t need to worry about your hair turning red unless you buy a reddish hair dye like jewel pink for eg ^^ hope that helps!!!

  4. Jenn (@lifeinjenneralx) says:

    Oh yeah I totally agree with you about the smell. I’ve never smelt a hair dye that smells so strongly of ammonia before! IT JUST HITS YOU IN THE NOSE and it won’t stop. Like it felt like it was almost burninggg when I breathed in a whiff of it. Had to stand by the window tryna breath in fresh air!

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