How to Draw Manga Tutorial: A Common Face Angle

I hope you guys liked my face and eye tutorial, because there’s more to come 🙂 I’m going to show you how to draw a different face angle now! I’m not the best at drawing particular angles, but there are many ways to make up for potential flaws!

First things first, I’ll show you how to draw one of the most common face angles. This can apply to females and males, but here, I’m drawing a male.

Step 1.

Ahh, now I hope you realise the significance of structure, because I am skipping all 8-something steps in my face tutorial and jumping straight to the structure/framework.


Step 2.

Using this, draw a rough outline of the face. Take note of the pink arrow because that’s the direction of where I draw (downwards) to create the shape. Remember the cheek bones so there is a little curve, or slope, before the face narrows inside because of the jawline.

step2 first

Try not to make the curve of the cheek too pointy or rigid or else it will look weird.

step2 second

I probably should have covered this in the face tutorial, but I’ll just add it here because it is extra detail. If you look at the blue arrow, you will see that I’ve actually made the chin blunt. That’s because I really dislike really pointy chins.


Step 3.

Alrighty, now we can draw the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.


Step 4.

Now we can focus on the hair. Since he’s facing right, you need to ‘adjust’ the way you draw the hair accordingly. Sorry for the messy sketch (and I gave him quite the ridiculous hairstyle hehe).


And that’s how you draw one of the most common face angles in any manga or anime. It’s really not that hard once you get the grasp of it. This was one of the first face angles I learned. Of course this tutorial can be considered advanced for some, but all you need to do is practise 🙂

Here is the colored version:



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