How to Draw Manga Tutorial: How to Draw Manga Face (Shounen style)

I decided to do a far more in-depth manga tutorial on how to draw a typical manga face…um, a guy face, actually. It’s not shoujo either, it’s shounen…or bishounen, it doesn’t matter. I suck as Shoujo. I can’t do that sparkles and big eyes and long flowy hair. I just draw everything rough and gritty and gross. Anyway, I have a hard time drawing faces, even if they’re as simple as staring face-frontal, because it’s so goddamn hard to get the eyes on the same level and look equal. Believe me though, that’s the least of your worries for now.

For this tutorial, I will be showing you how to draw a guy’s face (because I seem to draw guys better than gals unfortunately).

Step 1:

As my eye tutorial started off, the first step in creating your manly face is STRUCTURE. And to draw a rugged manly face, we’ll start with a circle. Voilaaaa ~~ (lol)


Step 2:

Halfway through this circle, draw two horizontal lines like this (the red lines). This is the guidelines for the level of the eyes.


Step 3:

Now in the middle of the circle, draw a vertical line (blue line). This will help you to position the nose and the mouth.


Step 4:

Draw two more lines that join the vertical line so it’s like a triangle (green lines). This will help guide you to make the face more angular.


Step 5:

The circle will help you determine the shape of the head and the overall ‘volume’ of hair a character will have. For the two horizontal lines from Step 2 that are the eye guidelines, add lines like these to determine the size of the eyes you want to draw (purple lines).


Step 6:

Look at the pink lines now. Using the triangle, determine how you want your character’s face to look like. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight lines. In fact, you can make the chin a little bit pointy but not too pointy and the cheeks rounded, if you get what I mean. Anyway, notice that the pink lines slope inwards to make the jawline. Once again, in this stage, nothing has to be perfect! It can be as rough as ever ~


Step 7:

No, we’re still not finished yet TT_TT”” Now that you have the basic structure for a face done, let’s move onto the rest of the face features, like the eyes. Hm, for reason I wanna draw angry eyes for my bishounen.


Step 8:

Now we can move onto the nose (I’ll try do a tutorial for that too). To be honest, you should really stick to the lines (ie, the blue line). In here, I kinda floated off a bit because it looked a little better.


Step 9:

And the lips (again, I’ll try and do a tutorial for that)


Step 10:

Way-hey! You probably think this guy looks familiar now. That’s right, it’s my OC, Wolf! He’ll be my model for my tutorial (and possibly for the others)! 🙂 And he doesn’t have his eyepatch, either!!! Now, unless your character is meant to be bald, you can get rid of the guidelines and refine the rest of your drawing, and stop. You are done, yippee! If not, then we can add the hair. I’ll do another tutorial on that too when I have time.

For now, I’ll give him a totally different and random, messy hairdo.


Sorry for the messy sketch, but wow he’s like a completely different person haha. Also, I added his neck, which is two lines on each side of the face that slope downwards. Don’t make them too rigid, or your guy will look a bit odd. The red arrow indicates you should draw down the way when it comes to drawing necks.

Step 11:

Ears now. Usually I completely omit the ears by drawing characters with medium to long hair, just to be sneaky. why? Cos ears are a pain in the ass!!! D:<

Buuuut for the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll not be lazy and quickly sketch another hairdo for Wolf which will briefly show his ears. If you don’t want to be sneaky or downright lazy like me, just draw two half, semi circle shapes like these on both sides of the head like this:

(PS I almost ran out of space on my piece of paper TT_TT” Next time I shouldn’t draw so close to the edge of the paper)


Ta-da! Here is the finished result.

Yes, as you can see, it is EXACTLY the same face but I changed the hair and it has completely changed the entire guy!!! So there you have it! How to draw a face! Mind you, this is only one position of the face/head, and that is facing front. To draw a guy facing the side or any other view, the steps are almost the same but obviously you’ll have to make a few changes. I’ll be doing another tutorial for that too soon.

Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial and if you ever have a question don’t hesitate to ask!!!! 😀


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