Review: Prada Saffiano Wallet in Nero

It’s a big moment in Fish and Chip’s life today, because FINALLY someone in my family bought something DESIGNER. And yes, I’m talking about none other than Prada.

"Did someone say Prada???"

“Did someone say Prada???”

Whilst I was meant to be making an art tutorial, I got caught up with my sister’s newly purchased Prada wallet which she brought home today from her shopping escapades. I’m actually saving up to get one *someday*, maybe not in Prada, because I’ve set my eyes on Prada’s other fashion house Miu Miu harhar.

Yar, okay, so enough with the chitchat, here comes the pictures:

It is a fine moment in Fish and Chip's family history *sobs*

It is a fine moment in Fish and Chip’s family history *sobs*

My sister bought the Prada Saffiano wallet in nero (black). It did cost a lot (about $434) but she had been pining for it for more than 3 years and finally I said to her it’s either she buy it (and stop talking about it all the time), then earn the money back by working extra hard at her current job and not spend any more money for half a year, or she get a cheapass wallet from Primark or Accessorize or Forever 21 that looks a bit like the Prada Saffiano to satisfy her wallet urges (but inevitably realise she still wants the Prada).

She chose to buy the Prada wallet in the end.

Now I don’t know much about designer, but it’s a good size for a wallet, ie, it’s not as long as wallets from River Island. It came in a white Prada bag and giftbox. Once you open the box you get this:


Ta-da! There’s the wallet! We had to hold in all our giggles btw. We were pretty much like this once we began the unboxing:


The Prada wallet also came with the authenticity card and a little envelope for the card too. The card will say where you get the wallet from and what date.


Here is the wallet upclose (plus my ugly hand).

pp2 p3

This is the Prada material up close. It’s very nice and sophisticated. Even though my sister and I manhandled the wallet at some point to take pictures of it and pose with it, there were none of our dirty grubby fingerprints at the end of our moment of excitement so that was really nice. It can hold a decent amount of credit cards but we found out if you put too many in, the wallet won’t actually close as smoothly as it should. On the front, it has small gold lettering that says ‘Prada Milano’ on the front too 🙂 Inside, you get credit card slots and a zip compartment but my sister won’t use it for coins in case they stink up the wallet. Good idea.

I can’t wait to get my own someday *sigh*





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