Diabolik Lovers More Blood

Whaaaaaaat?! So Diabolik Lovers is supposed to be getting an anime and a FD???!!! Why am I so late in knowing this?? =___=”

In the Fandisk called Diabolik Lovers More Blood, we have 4 new characters, the Mukami brothers. As if the Sakamaki brothers aren’t enough for us. Le Gasp! Tatsuhisa Suzuki is voicing one of the brothers too! I. Must. Get. This. Game!!! Must. Gather. Pretty. Pictures. Hnnnngh!

Oh well, another reason to splurge $60 on Girl’s Style and B’s-Log.


Check this guy out! Phwoooooar what a hottie. Unnnghh but Shuu and Subaru will still be my favourites TT_TT”” Soooo here are the brother’s names:

  • 無神ルキ(Ruki) : CV Sakurai Takahiro
  • 無神コウ (Kou) : CV Kimura Ryohei
  • 無神ユーマ (Yuma) : CV Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  • 無神アズサ (Azusa) : CV Kishio Daisuke

Spread the word, folks.

Main website here: http://www.otomate.jp/dialover_mb/

Or check here: http://dialover.net/

Peace out.


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