Diabolik Lovers Artbook Review

My Diabolik Lovers artbook finally came from Yesasia after a month long wait! It actually arrived through the post before I left for Hong Kong, but I was unable to write my full review on it until now. I have the game but I haven’t finished it yet  TT^TT The CGs are obviously massive spoilers for me, but I don’t really mind.

If you have been to Sylri’s blog or if you have clicked on my link that joins to her artbook review page, you will find that she has a lot of artbook reviews on various video games and she has reviewed the Diabolik Lovers artbook previously and posted up some scans too! 😀 So, in my review, I will post up pictures which Sylri didn’t so you guys can get the best out of both our posts 🙂

Firstly, the book is roughly A4 sized, and is super clear and glossy. It has chibi drawings in the back ehehe.


After the contents page, there are illustrations galore. These illustrations consist of box art, drama CD art, and other extra special art from the artist. I saw Ozmafia first which is why I recognised the art style. I have to say I cannot find ANY fault with the artist. No awkward head angles, no awkward-looking illustrations in general (some otome games really do have atrocious art TT_TT) I also love the way how the artist draws the eyes and hair and the way she/he colours the art. It’s very washed down like watercolour and very soft and gentle to look at; the lines she/he uses are very faint but pleasing to the eye. LOL if I was still studying art at school I would’ve liked to use this to base my studies on. Look at all those pretty colours *3*

gallery2 gallery3 gallery1 gallery4

I think the main guy Yui is supposed to go with is Ayato considering that huge 2-page picture of them together which we get in the book, plus he’s the first choice the game presents to you (and he is my first route at the moment). What surprised me is that I think Subaru’s Drama CD came out first, not Ayato’s (??). I don’t know, but it’s something that got me thinking.

Now we get to the character gallery. Sylri has posted up scans of Shuu and Subaru so I will post up Ayato, Kanato, Raito/Laito and Reiji. Basically, like all otome game artbooks, you get a nice big and glossy illustration of each character and their facial expressions in the game along with a bio. The next 2-3 pages will have their CGs which are pretty big compared to other artbooks I have (namely the Scared Rider Xechs one). You also get to see Laito without his hat on too.

If you’ve been to my Diabolik Lovers CG gallery photobucket page, then you won’t really see anything new.

Note: Ayato is also the first character featured in the Character gallery.

ayato1 ayato2 ayato3

Oh Ayato, if you didn’t have that crazy slasher grin I probably would’ve liked you a little more than Shuu.

kanato1 kanato

Kanato, you need cucumbers for those under eye cirles!!! He’s one really scary shouta I wouldn’t really want to come across…

reiji1 reiji3 reiji2

Reiji! Hmm…I haven’t played his route yet. Looks very interestng 🙂

laito1 laito3 laito2

Laito…Er…unfortunately I’m not too keen on his route. His Drama CD was really something…Also, his Drama CD was the only one which I couldn’t really listen to right till the end =___=””

I like how the book has massive pictures of CGs as well as background CGs but those were tiny and crammed into two pages. I don’t know why an otome game will need tonnes of background art but there is a lot, from Yui’s bedroom during the day, the night, and when someone seems to thave trespassed and have trashed it etc. There is also a few pages dedicated to product information about all the drama cds and various Diabolik Lovers merchandise that are available.

Shuu’s earphones look specially tempting *3*

DSC00280 DSC00279

Anyway, so there’s this sealed booklet at the very end of the book which I was too chicken to cut in case I ruin nice things (as I always do) so I’ve left it the way it is, glued shut and inaccessible. Hmm…it’s probably better off that way because I’m too afraid to ruin this decent book. Honestly though, my enthusiasm for Diabolik Lovers died down when the book took a whole month just to get to me.

I love how this book has gigantic CGs and art ~ But it’s a shame it didn’t come with a sample CD or anything else, but that’s just me hoping and wishing for too much (well, I did spend over £30/$54 on it!). Aside from that, I can’t really find any faults. There were character concept art and rough sketches (well, there was only 2, but still…) and that made me really happy. I think they really did a wonderful job on the Diabolik Lovers artbook despite the zany plot and I’m definitely looking forward to more art from this artist 😀


One thought on “Diabolik Lovers Artbook Review

  1. kanzuki says:

    Here’s a tip; if you don’t want to cut the last few pages at the end, you can take a sneak peek if you sorta lightly bend and peek the pages from the top. Haven’t cut mine either, but from what it says, it has something to do with Heaven scenarios from the game.

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