Hong Kong 2013 Haul

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been abroad for some time and completely computer-free; I was visiting my grandparents and ended up coming back home to the UK with an extra suitcase packed with goodies. I guess this post should be called ‘Fish and Chipz Abroad 2’ to correlate with my first post regarding my trip to Hong Kong to get my ID card sorted out back in 2011, but I like the sound of ‘Haul’ better 😉

This time my trip to Hong Kong was much better compared to my trip back in 2011. I didnt find it frantic or hectic at all. I was much easy going this time. I’m not sure why, but I thought it was much more pleasant and I had a far better time compared to the trip in 2011 (despite being sick twice on the flight going to HK. Sigh). Maybe it’s because I got more goodies and went to more places, I’m not sure, but today I will be showing and sharing with you guys everything I got.

entire haul

I was laying down everything and the haul took up the entire space of my dining table! I had to stand on a chair to take a picture. If you’ve read my other post about Hong Kong, I posted up a picture of stuff I got then too. This time around, my haul is much bigger @_@

As you can see, I toned down on the rilakkuma stuff. Stationary and rilakkuma notebooks and stickers really didn’t appeal to me anymore. All I got was a rilakkuma photo album (found in a bookstore in Kwai Fong), a glasses case, mug, coffee flask and a litte bag which hopefully can fit my Polaroid.

I concentrated more on beauty products from Korean brands like Etude House and Innisfree. I still bought a lot of magazines, like Popteen, and right at the bottom of the photo, you can see that I also got some more of those novels with manga-drawn covers.

As we went in February nearer the end of Chinese New Year, a lot of things were on sale. I got the novels in Mong Kok Grand Century Plaza by the way. It used to be my favourite place but not much anymore. It’s being renovated at the moment so the bookstore I went to previously to get my books as different. It was much smaller this time but I managed to find the books I wanted and got those. The novels I got last time were also for sale, but aside from those, there was not many new novels. The three novels at the bottom of the photo were on sale with 15% off, so they were originally $40 HK, but were reduced to $34!!!!! (GBP £2.91, USD $4.38)

I also got a book on How to Draw Manga. The ones from Hong Kong are MUCH more interesting than english ones. I got this from Sha Tin New Town Plaza Phase….er…it was Phase I or III, but it is in the bookstore below the Yata Department Store on the ground floor. It cost $107.

What I was really looking for Girl’s Style magazine or B’s-Log. Imagine my disappointment when I found none, except from a magazine called Dengeki Daichi or something along the lines like that. The only thing that made up for the loss was the  Newtype Anime magazines which I got at a sale price, as well as the Niise no Chigiri fandisk and Bunmei Kaika Aoiza Ibunroku Saien PSP games (also for sale) at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. I’m really happy with these because I finally got my hands on actual otome games hehehe! 😀

Niise no Chigiri fandisk and Bunmei Kaika in my possession -fangasm-

Niise no Chigiri fandisk and Bunmei Kaika in my possession -fangasm-

Right, I’ll move onto the Beauty/Makeup haul now. My main targets were Etude House and Innisfree because I’ve used products from there before and they have worked wonders on my extremely sensitive and irritating skin. We went to the Etude House store in Mong Kok (my god Mong Kok has EVERYTHING, seriously) and it is mobbed all the time. On the other hand, Innisfree is quite hard to find in HK but their products are for sale in stores called Sweetmay.

beauty haul

A beauty haul from Hong Kong is incomplete without mentioning at least Sa Sa, the main drugstore where the store assistants annoy the hell out of you and follow you around and try to sell you their most expensive but useless products.

From Sa Sa, I got a Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in black, the Dolly Wink Long mascara and the Dolly Wink eyeshadow in brown. I deliberately looked for old packaging (like the eyeshadow one because I find it more interesting) but all the eyeliner packaging has been completely replaced with Tsubasa’s new ones. I got a Majolica Majorca pencil eyeliner and mascara, which was unfortunately dry and furry when I opened it at home. I also got 3 EOS lipbalms, 2 in the famous green Honeysuckle melon flavour and 1 in strawberry just to try it out. I tried looking for Palty but there aren’t many shades available. Finally, I got the Long and Curl mascara from the Heroine brand. I didn’t get false eyelashes this time. I’m kind of over the gyaru phase, to be honest.

To get the most, you need to hit different Sa Sa stores so every time we went to a new place we would at least check out the Sa Sa’s there to see what goodies they have.

sasa haul

Canmake is a Japanese brand also available in Sa Sa but I got the Canmake stuff from a store called Log On in Kowloon’s Festival Walk. I got the Canmake cream cheek blush, cheek gradiation palette, another blusher, two nail varnishes and two highlighters. They came to a total of $488 @_@ I’ve never used Canmake before, but I hope it’s good!

canmake haul

The Etude House in Mong Kok was great. They have this coupon book if you spend $100 each time, you will get a stamp and if you get a certain amount, you can get free gifts. On our first visit, we spent over $300 so we got a free bookmark (um…yeah) and a pearl extract mask. The second time we went we spent $200 and got a mini travel kit. Here’s what I got overall:

etude house haul

I got the Petit Bijou Soft Body Wash because I’ve always wanted to try it out (cost me $99), Milk Bath Body Lotion ($58), two nail varnishes ($12 each), hand and body lotion ($60-something), 10 charcoal chin packs ($50), 10 green tea nose packs ($5 each), two sponges ($22 each), and the Baking Powder Pore Cleanser ($99). The Hyaluronc acid masks were actually from Sweetmay and it was Buy 1 get 1 Free 🙂

Sweetmay specialises in Korean brands so I saw some I recognised such as Sulwhasoo (which costs a fortune!). innisfree haul

We got the Innisfree volcanic clay Jeju mask for $125, the bottle is actually something called Jelly Softener and that cost $99. We got some facemasks such as the Kiwi and Rice masks but I’ve forgotten how much they cost. Let’s just say things aren’t very cheap in HK as they used to be. The honey masks were from a Groupon deal which we collected in Soundwill Plaza in Causeway Bay. As we spent over a certain amount, we were given free gifts again 🙂

We were also rather mask-crazy, so we got Lifecella, and we were also given a lot of free samples, such as masks from Tonymoly.

mask haul

Anyway, we spent A LOT of money in HK this time around. We came with one half-full suitcase and ended up coming home with another, both packed to the brim. It can’t be helped. There’s so much stuff in Hong Kong. I’ll be posting again real soon, so see you later!


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