Dandelion ~ Wishes Brought to You ~

Hmm, I’m really surprised that my most popular post up until now is my review on Palty Hair dye o_O I wonder if there is anything I can post which will topple that record? Anyway, today I wanna talk about an otome game I just came across a few seconds ago and well, I instantly took a liking to it. Firstly because it is 1) the first Korean otome game I have come across, and 2) an english version is available on computer for purchase at $30, with the Premium version at $50 (comes with soundtrack, booklet and other goodies).

If its one thing I know about Korean stuff, in particular, Korean drama, let’s just say, they KNOW how to pluck your heartstrings TT_TT””


It is called ‘Dandelion Wishes Brought to You’, and it was released in August 2012 but received an english translation in December last year. I was reminded of Uta no Prince Sama because of the cover art, and I was also reminded of Beast Master and Prince, another otome game, but instead of being set in a medieval fantasy setting, the game follows a meek, normal girl who one day happened across a basket of ‘ordinary’ domestic animals who turn human. You probably get my drift from this…but of course, in this game, you can go with one of them.


Here is what the website says:

Heejung Kim moved out from her mom’s house, who is obssessed with her education. Heejung tries to find her real dream life. Having the impression that everything would go well, she has been living a life obssessed with grades.

“What am I going to do when I graduate college?”

Majoring in business administration, average language skills, not that popular, decent school grades. The only thing she is interested in is the Art Club.

“Why is my life only full of studying and self development? Because I believe enjoying life doesn’t guarantee success.”

As graduation approaches, she starts to worry about her future…

One day, Heejung wakes up to animal sounds…..?

Cats and rabbits…!?

“How on earth…someone has left animals in my own room!?”

After she finds these mysterious animals her story begins….

For a more comprehensive summary, I found another from a forum discussing the game, and this is what it says:

You play the story of 21 year old Hee-jung, a student who leaves home to study in far-away city of Busan. In many ways she is a typical schoolgirl; she is a timid introverted girl who is very sensitive to what others say. However, she is also afflicted by haunting childhood memories, and an an unrelinquished desire to succeed in life and surpass others. One day, something that will change her busy lonely life happens. She comes home to find that a basket of three rabbits and two cats has mysteriously been left in her bedroom. Soon, she will find out these are no ordinary animals … They are in fact much more than that.

Why have these unusual animals been left to Hee-jung? What was the purpose behind this? Find the answer by playing through this roller-coaster of emotions, full of surprises, deceit, and romantic adventures. In a time of near personal crisis filled with anxiety and uncertainty about how to lead her life, Hee-jung discovers romance that she has never known before. Manage your personal life while developing your romantic life in a system of interactive leveling and progression through the game.

Souns interesting, ne? =^.^= Here are snippets of the characters (in English too, fweeee!!!):


Main character, Hee Jung, the introverted girl.


First potential route, cat guy Ji Soo. He is hot headed, appears to enjoy art, and he is a bad cook. On the forum, it says he has a possessive nature, enjoys naps and watching the home shopping channel on TV. I LOL-ed hard at the ‘handsome but acts stupid’ part. Wow that’s sooooo….attractive *cough*


Second potential, the arrogant rabbitt-y Ji Woo. His character art doesn’t exactly do him justice =_=” Secretly wants to become a playboy. Muhohoho good luck with that.


Another rabbit guy. How come allegedly mature, smart guys in anime ALWAYS have long hair at some point? He also seems to have a rivalry with Ji Soo. He is polite to the protagonist and is good at cooking :33


Ji Eun, the shouta…In almost every CG I have seen, he looks scared, which kinda correlates to his profile, which says he doesn’t like to talk much and dislikes loud noises.


Finally, we have Ji Yeon the cat. He seems to like playing pranks because he is seen taking a picture of Ji Woo who has been forced to wear a frilly dress.

Apparently the game offers over 30-40 hours of gameplay, there are 5 different routes with different endings. The system looks interesting too! Basically you are to manage Hee Jung’s life, ie, there is not just interaction with the guy where you scroll and listen through heaps and heaps of text, but you can go on dates with the guy of your choice on the weekend and you can even give them gifts! Items can also be picked up in random locations, and you can also buy or sell items at stores!

I’m planning on getting the game because of the english patch, but when I checked the website, there seemed to be a lot of posts about bugs and glitches, and since the english version was released just back in December there, I think I’ll wait for a bit until the developers have things sorted out. For now, please enjoy the CGs I managed to steal save from other people who have already managed to get their hands on the game 🙂

Jihae10_zps94746c74 Jisoo10_zpsce3e8383 Jieun8_zpsf6c07501 Jisoo9_zps619a9556 Jiwoo3_zpsc1cda926 Jihae4_zps17fc7a1c Jisoo6_zps90d6cf45 Jisoo5_zps2ba30358 Jiwoo11_zps7a09e15e Jihae9_zps1a66dde8 Jisoo7_zpsce22c5fa Jieun11_zps7d1b91f7 JIhae6_zps24a116d1 Jisoo12_zpsd8ef488b Jiwoo7_zps17bda0aa JIhae5_zps594fda56 Jisoo3_zpsa0d1d9af JIhae8_zpsba1c60b5 img2 4ff


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