The World of BJD!

What’s this, you ask? BJD? What the heck is that?? Some kind of dirty thing? Is Fish and Chips tainting your poor innocent minds again? Noooope! Firstly, I’ll tell you a long story. Throughout my childhood, I was one of those kids who loved dolls and was incredibly fascinated with them. I was fascinated by the tiny furniture, tiny clothes, and other tiny things designed for doll use. I still like the look of those old-fashioned, but proper, traditional doll houses and one day would like to own one. And around 3 years ago, I was internet surfing and came across a picture of the most beautiful, human-like doll I’d ever seen. I was curious, and I googled it up what kind of doll it was because simply typing ‘doll’ didn’t get me very far in the search. I then later found out that the doll was in fact, a Ball Jointed Doll hence the abbreviation BJD, and that they are handmade, resin dolls. Thus, from there on, I was whirled into the world of BJD.

Hmm, that wasn’t a long story after all.

Alright, moving on. I’m a NOOB at bjds so I’ll just start with what I know so far. You have many sizes of dolls; the biggest can go over 70cm. Some dolls are Barbie-sized, and others can range from 40-65cm. These sizes are then termed either SD, MSD, BB, or 1/3, 1/4 etc.. I’m still new to all this so sizes and terminology still confuse me. You can buy clothes and wigs for these dolls to change theirlooks, and their hairstyle, so that means hair isn’t rooted to their scalps like normal dolls. You can also change their eyes and you can even commission a professional to have a ‘face-up’ for your doll which means applying the general make-up for a doll’s face.

These dolls also cost a ridiculous amount of money, because of the time, work and materials (and maybe more) is dedicated in making a doll. There are lots of dolls available (or sculpts, as I have heard some people call them), from different websites. Most websites and their dealers are from Korea or China, which kind of sucks for me because I live in the UK and the shipping rates are like, £60(!!!!!!).

I’ll spare you the details and just tell you what dolls I want, like right now. At the moment, I’m only looking at male dolls because the female doll range is even bigger.

1. Sol, from Ringdoll.

This is Sol:


He is the tallest doll I’ve come across, standing at 73.5cm, maybe more, according to some owners. Sol is a doll from a site called Ringdoll which doesn’t exactly have a good track record of international customer service. If you go on ebay, you can find a dealer who is a rep of Ringdoll and hopefully, ordering from there will be a lot better. I quite like how Sol has some kind of anime-edge to him. I am wondering if I can customise him to end up looking like Wolf, one of my Original Characters (who you can see to the left as my deviantart banner hehehe).

The Basic Sol is £337, or $549, he will only come as a body, head and eyes. His snazzy outfit is not included, and I think the face-up is also not included, which will cost you an additional $50-60. Plus, shipping is at a rate of $90. He belongs to the Ringdoll ‘Grown’ selection.

Ringdoll has given these bad boys a theme too. It’s very military-inspired. If you get the fullset Sol, he will come with the outfit, wig, eyes and face-up included, but at $689, with $94 shipping cost.

There is another version of him called Lieutenant Sol, in which he forms a set of three dolls consisting of Air Force Wolf and Admiral Ronald. I still like Sol the best though.

WOW what a cool doll *fans self*



2. MuXuan, from Loong Soul.

After I found Sol, I looked at Loong Soul to expand my options. MuXuan has caught my eye so far, because I like dolls that bear a closer resemblance to a human, but you can also tell that they’re…well, they’re still a doll. And there is something very nice about LoongSoul dolls. If you get what I mean. Anyway, MuXuan is about 70-75cm and is priced at £324 ($525) with a shipping rate of $83 from the ebay seller. He will not come with the outfit or face up, which will bung up his price a bit.


Ohhh he’s so pretty *_*

3. Felix, from Iplehouse.



I found Iplehouse first and desperately wanted one of their dolls *coughFELIXcough* but duuuuuuuude these dolls cost $650 alone!!! Well, Felix does. Felix is a ‘SID’ doll which is Iplehouse exclusive for ‘Senior in Doll’. He is 65cm tall. A face-up will cost an additional $60, and then shipping costs another $66.30!!! And that does not even include a wig or clothes or shoes. Felix will just come, naked and bald. Hardly fitting for a doll. Iplehouse also have 70cm dolls at $700. They’re so expensive!!!


And have you seen their prices for doll clothes? I know they’re high quality, but some do stretch over the $100 number. I might as well get myself a nice Prada bag if that’s the case. Plus, Iplehouse dolls are oddly sized, with a chest width of 33-something cm, which means they don’t fit into a lot of doll clothes other than Iplehouse-exclusive stuff, and the random seller Freedom Teller, who also makes and sells Iplehouse dollclothes at an extortionate rate.



Felix!!! I want one of these dolls so badly. Too bad they will come to a total cost of over $800!!!!!

Felix!!! I want one of these dolls so badly. Too bad they will come to a total cost of over $800!!!!!

For some reason, my sister is creeped out by these dolls. Maybe it’s because they look TOO human, but I really like them. She’ll think they’ll come alive or have a mind of their own and start terrorising people.


4. Ty and/or Rone, from Angell Studio

Right, so from Snazzy Sol to MuXuan, to Frickin’ Expensive Felix…here we have twin dolls Ty and Rone from Angell Studio who are priced roughly $549-$630 each. Something about BJDs is that sellers are clever and come up with motifs and themes for dolls. The only seller/dollmaker I can think of who has no theme are Iplehouse dolls. So Ty and Rone are twin doll brothers and obviously getting them both completes a set.

They are also very anime-ish dolls, and I do like how punk-inspired they are 🙂


Well, there you have it. BJDS!!!! I want one so badly. Although the cost of these dolls can get me a trip to New York for 2 nights or something, or a plane ticket to Hong Kong, or as I said before, a Prada bag. Or wait! It can even pay for a new laptop, a new iPad or driving lessons TT_TT”” Honestly, what I’m going through is probably just a phase of OMFG I WANT DAT SO MUCH and maybe it’ll slowly simmer down…after all, BJDs must be handled with care, and it is best to avoid placing them in areas of high temperature or direct sunlight. Also, they will yellow over time and the wigs and dark jeans you may make your doll to wear will eventually stain the delicate resin.

Since they cost so much, and since they are many produced by individual companies, it’s not surprising their clothes/wigs and shoes etc do cost a lot because no doll is the same with the same chest size or leg size. Therefore if you buy a doll from a company, you might have to stick to it for outfits and wigs. I know Iplehouse can be the case, because a lot of owners have had problems getting clothes for their SID doll, with the odd chest size and all.

In general, a BJD is a big, expensive investment. If you really want one, then you should start saving ASAP even if it takes you more than a year. Your first doll is also rather important, and keep your eyes peeled for sales and offers/promotions. I just missed the Christmas promotions but oh well. Maybe at the end of this year I’ll finally have saved enough to get myself a nice Sol doll :)))


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