Possible Sequel Ideas for ‘Oh My Alucard’

Oh My Alucard (OMA) Sequel Ideas

If any of you still read this darned blog of mine (and if any of you are still reading or remember OMA), you’ll come to realise that fanfiction at least constitutes 60% of this blog. Although I haven’t returned to my last fanfic for almost half a year (and not to mention, it is on hiatus), I found myself thinking about possible ideas for the OMA sequel should it ever come into fruitition. Yesterday, I found myself brainstorming some background information and new character profiles.

So far, this is what I have…

(PS. Everything here is subject to change)


Sequel premise:

3 months after the death of Caelum and the disbandment of the Black Flame Knights (events of OMA), Hellsing is now faced with new threats:

  1. The resurrection of Dracula’s First Bride, who wants revenge
  2. Iscariot, who are after Leanne and her (unholy) unborn
  3. The Convention of Twelve, who disprove of Alucard and Leanne’s relationship
  4. Upcoming threat from Millennium


Character profiles:

Be warned! Ruby/Leanne’s profile is incredibly gloomy 😦

Name: Alucard

After turning Leanne into a draculina, many problems have arisen. (And although tempting, I don’t really want to write about fatherhood because I can’t seem to imagine Alucard as a father and readers will have their own perception of fatherhood anyway, which will alienate you guys from my story if mine and yours are different). Anyway, his First Bride is displeased with Leanne and is trying to get him to return to Transylvania to continue their reign of terror before Abraham Van Helsing defeated him. Meanwhile, Iscariot is trying to kill Leanne (and her baby), and the Convention of Twelve constantly causes pressure on Integra and Leanne, creating friction between their, what should have been, perfect relationship.

Name: Ruby Ashcroft/Leanne Van der Linde

Protagonist of OMA. Leanne is a newly-turned draculina and under Dr Seward’s diagnosis, pregnant. She now lives in Hellsing with Alucard, having lost and given up on everything in her life, including her nursing career. She is constantly torn between her two identities, is haunted by the deaths of her surrogate and real parents, and has begun deteriorating in mental health due to the lack of closure from her father, guilt and isolation stemming from her pregnancy.

(…Sigh…why are all my OCs mad or insane? Or at least, go crazy at some point? TT^TT)

Name: Luther

In OMA, Luther is one of the survivors of the aftermath and decided not to join Hellsing. In the sequel, he suddenly returned after disappearing for a month and has become one of Integra’s shadowy informants.

Name: Grey

A werewolf salvaged from Oracle Corporation; strangely enough, he has not undergone any sort of transformation yet. He has a personal vendetta against Garth, the one who murdered his mother.

Name: Jack Seward

Descendant of John Seward who is the residential doctor of Hellsing. He is stunned by Leanne’s pregnancy and although he means well, he constantly badgers her to undergo various practises and experiments.

Name: Dracula’s First Bride (aka ??? I can’t think of  name. I actually dislike how Dracula’s Brides are unnamed. I wanted to use one of the the names of the Brides in the Van Helsing movie but I’m not sure about those)

Dracula’s First Bride, whose soul was summoned from Hell and is now using a human body. Her primary targets are Alucard, Integra, and Leanne. She is travelling with Thade and Garth, but displeased with her weak human form, seeks out a stronger vessel. The modern world confuses her but her goals are to return to Transylvania with Alucard to resume their lifestyle when he was a Count, 500 years ago.

Name: ???

Leanne’s unborn baby. Although vampires are typically undead and there is no historical or factual record about vampire pregnancy, or the odds of vampire pregnancy happening in the first place, Leanne’s case is indeed a strange one. Dr Seward believes once it is born, it will be a true vampire exactly like Alucard, surpassing all. It is the target of Iscariot, who announce it to be the spawn of demons and will not tolerate its existence. The Convention of Twelve are also concerned with its existence, too.


Well, that’s all I have now. As you can see, I’m not sure if the sequel has the ability to totally utterly destroy OMA – as sequels are always worser than the original – and maybe OMA should be left alone as an individual story like my many others. Sigh. I don’t know. I’ll think about it again and see how it goes. Until next time, folks!


10 thoughts on “Possible Sequel Ideas for ‘Oh My Alucard’

  1. Night says:

    I have finished ‘Oh My Alucard’ recently and really wanted to read more. It is risky to write a sequel especially if there is no premise for a new plot. But looking at your idea, I think it will be very interesting with Leanne’s growing pregnancy, Alucard’s ex and threat from Millennium and Iscariot. I would definitely read it if you write a sequel, but if you don’t find the motivation or you think it’ll destroy the story, I guess that is fine too. But I want to you to I do feel very interested in your plot ideas. 🙂

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Thanks for the message! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed my story very much and that you liked my ideas 🙂 I was thinking about the sequel the other day, actually. It’s always been there in the back of my mind.

      Want to hear something awesome? One of my friends who had been cheering on my fic had turned it into an actual book (it’s over 400 pages long O_O). I have it with me and it looks great hahahaha XD

      • Night says:

        That’s cool! And long, lol. When I was reading the fic, I never realize it would be 400 pages. Does that encourage you to write more?

      • Fish and Chips says:

        Omg! Sorry I have not replied for a long time 😦 sorry It did not come up in my inbox for some reason :(((( sorry! anyway, yes it does actually make me want to write more lol. and I just noticed that my post has been called ‘Possible Sequel ideas to oh my aucard’. lol.

  2. Syd says:

    So I am more of a lurker when it comes to fan fiction and the like, and I really like your Hellsing story. I am not sure how long it takes for a writer to get a new chapter out, so if I am in the wrong I am really sorry but are you even still writing this story? The last chapter came out months ago and I am getting a little worried that you have just stopped this one.

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Hi Syd, thank you for your comment, and many apologies it has taken me so long to get back to you. At the moment, I am currently taking a break from fanfiction. Writing and plot bunnies don’t come to me as easily as it used to anymore and I’ve got my work and other crap in my life that’s getting me bogged down. Anyway, thanks for your comment, the reason why I started writing the sequel was because I wanted to do so in the first place and because I like my readers so I will try and see if I am able to write more.

  3. NekoBaka says:

    Hi! I… Just don’t know how to use this crap, and looks like I have o ask you using comments. Would it bother if I translate your fanfiction and post it on a Russian fanfic site? Of course, it won’t be shown as mine. I’ll post a link of an original text and your profile, as the site requires. There are no much OC fics there, and your one is really great, so if you don’t mind I would like to do this.

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Hi NekoBaka, thank you for commenting. I’ve heard WordPress is a little finicky when it comes to comments 😦 Yes, that’s fine, you can translate OMA 🙂 You have my permission. Thank you. It is truly an honour 🙂

  4. Zoya says:

    Hi! How are you?
    Let me start this by saying that I really, absolutely love your story ‘Oh My Alucard’.
    I first read it in 2014 after watching Hellsing. I’ve always been fascinated by vampires. Not the Edward Cullen, sparkly, types (not that i’m saying Twilight wasn’t good, it was great. Just not my cup of tea), but the dark, mysterious types. After I finished your story, I read it again twice because that’s how much I like it. But later I sort of forgot about it as I got busy with college.
    But then last weak your story just suddenly came into my mind. The movie ‘Dracula: Dead & Loving It’ is partially to blame. It’s a parody of ‘Bram Stolker’s Dracula’. Its hilarious, I suggest you watch it If you haven’t already 🙂
    After reading the story & the five chapters of the sequel, I wanted to PM you but noticed you don’t accept those anymore.
    Today I found your blog. So i’m writing this comment to tell you your story is the BEST Hellsing story. I’ve read a few other good ones but they don’t even come close to how marvelous yours is.
    You’ve portrayed all the characters perfectly including Ruby. The plot is so gripping & immersive. & the sequel is pretty awesome as well, even if it is only five chapters. I was really hoping you would continue it, but I understand how busy life can be, not to mention it takes a lot of time & effort to write a story.
    So if you continue the sequel, i’ll be happy. & if you don’t, i’ll still be happy because you’ve left us with ‘Oh My Alucard’ that I can read over & over without getting bored.
    To sum it all up, you’ve ruined any chances of me enjoying any other story by writing this masterpiece ;D
    Stay safe, happy & blessed.

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