BIGBANG Alive Tour London 2012 Trip

Hello all, I know I haven’t been blogging much because there’s not much happening this time of year. The only interesting event worth blogging that cropped up in my schedule was the BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012 which I had mentioned previously in another post.


Anyway, I’m 2 weeks late with this post. You’ll have to forgive me because I had to wait for my sister to go through the photos we took because she was in charge of photoshopping them (which is why the photos will have her watermark, not mine). I hope all of you had a great Christmas, and whaddya know? The world didn’t end on the 21st!!!!!

Right, so BiGBANG  came to the London Wembley Arena on Friday the 14th December and Saturday 15th December. My sister and I got tickets for the Saturday because that was the first offical date announced before they added the extra concert date of Friday (which had many fans seething through gritted teeth). If you remember in my other post, I blogged that a lot of the tickets which were available on first pre-sale were seated tickets, but these were for Blocks far far away from the stage….and then they sold the best seats as part of a ‘Soundcheck Package’ for an insane amount…

Well….2 days, yes, that’s right, 2 DAYS before the Saturday concert, Ticketmaster began to sell those soundcheck tickets (which were the seats in desirable blocks closest to the stage) but at the normal price. Imagine our rage!!!!!

We weren’t the only ones. Following that, the Facebook BB VIP page was stormed with angry, upset fans (including us) because apparently those tickets had been held back because they thought they could rip us off by selling the Soundcheck package which costs a whoping £235, but of course, no-one was biting the bait so they had to sell these tickets without the option of meeting the stars backstage. My sister and I accessed the page and saw S8 seats available at £98 each. We were quite satisfied with our tickets in S9 so we decided against buying it (maybe something we would regret…?).

Since we live in the UK, it was nice for a change that some Kpop stars were flying 6000 miles and sitting through a 10 hour flight to see us, so we went down to London on Saturday morning, sitting through 5 hours of a boring train journey which I spent either by listening to music, eating, sleeping or playing my 3DS to pass the time. We were prepared – our crown glowsticks were stuffed in our bags – we travelled light because we were only going for 1 day – and we also had some banners printed off but we weren’t sure if we’d be allowed to carry them in.

After the train journey, we were in Euston. Now, we’d been in London before but my god the place can be complicated if you don’t understand the underground train system. Well, my sister and I had tackled the French Metro before so we suppose the tube wouldn’t be too hard. I think what’s difficult to navigate is the amount of people who spring out during weekends, especially because it is Christmas, too. Expect to be shoved from all four directions, expect to shove yourself, and if you have a big gigantic bag like the one I had – use it to wack people out of your way!!!! No, I’m kidding, don’t do that. I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of hitting some people by accident, but seriously, that was because people don’t walk out of your way. They expect you to!!! Or they just won’t do it so they get wacked. Generally, when in London…just remember to look after yourself.

If you want to know how to get to Oxford Street/Bond Street from Euston Train Station via underground, this is what we did – We got the Central Line from Euston Train Station to Oxford Circus, before swapping Central for the Victoria Line to get to Bond Street. If you get off there, you’ll find an underground shopping mall with McDonalds, Pret, M&S, some random sushi/noodle bars and other shops. Outside in Bond Street and you’ll find yourself in the streets of super-duper busy London!!! PS. If anyone found an easier way, please let us know.

The last time I visited London, I  didn’t like it. I thought the lifestyle was too much mayhem. People rush too much. The customer service is slow and rubbish. But it wasn’t as bad as Hong Kong, where I thought the lifestyle there was also too quick and fast for unnecessary reasons. In Oxford Street, you’d better think twice if you want to go on a weekend, it’s so mobbed you find yourself walking with the crowd, not walking where you want to go. This time, the traffic’s more easy so you don’t have to worry about motorists running you down when its a green man on a pedestrian crossing (unlike France).

We’d been shopping in London before so we skipped most of Oxford Street, but popped into the Forever 21 store. We were only going for 1 day so we tried to make the most of it; we’d packed bags with us only and frankly, my luggage bag was so heavy it was beginning to hurt my arm. Hmm, next time I’d try to pack lighter (although I thought I HAD packed light).

Since shopping was not exactly our main priority, we got McDonalds for a quick bite to each, and wow, in my whole miserable existence, this would be the first time I had to stand and eat McDonalds because there was no more seating available in any eating establishment. There are also no seats in the rest of the station or mall, or in Oxford Street.

After the eating-while-standing scenario, my sister and I returned to the Bond Street station to get the Jubilee Line to get to Wembley Park. It’s about 6 or 7 stops away, but this train is not so busy compared to Central or Victoria because those are the main lines which go through tourist/shopping routes, so we got a seat on the train for that 20 minute journey.

Now, at Wembley Park, you have to walk down this giant set of steps (which is not good for those with suitcases), then you have to cross this shady bridge. The Premier Inn is to the right of the station and Park Inn is further along, ast the bridge and underground tunnel, towards the left. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it. Further along, you’ll find yourself in Olympic Way and Wembley National Stadium ahead. Keep going until you see the road and follow it to the right. You will then see Wembley Arena. It looks like this:

We stayed at the Hilton which is extremely convenient as it is right beside the Wembley Arena. When we got there, there was already tonnes of fans waiting. A couple of merchandise stalls were set up outside too.

Onto the concert itself. We waited outside at 6pm because doors were to be opened at that time, but even then the queue for most entrances were massive. Compared to SM Town, I didn’t find BB fans to be friendly towards other fans. We did get in about an hour later, and we got to the merchandise stall where unfortunately, all the BB Alive t-shirts were sold out. We managed to get 2 tote bags and a wristband (for moi). Armed with BB gear, we went to find our seats. S9 was upstairs. An employee helped direct us to our seats and this was our general view:


It wasn’t too bad at all! But S8 was obviouslyoffered  possibly the best view. Before the stars even came on, they put on BB songs such as Fantastic baby which got fans chanting. When the music got turned up and the lights went out, fans began to scream.

Glowsticks on, everybody!

Glowsticks on, everybody!

BB are so entertaining!!! I’m surprised Taeyang and Seungri spoke so much compared to G-Dragon, Daesung and T.O.P (who was actually the quietest. Cue Taeyang saying: “Yo TOP, say something” during a performance LOL). Another TOP quote was:

TOP: Hey, all you beautiful ladies.

(Entire arena is filled with screams)

And there was also: (Not sure about this one, my sister and fans on Facebook said this happened but I didn’t hear)

Taeyang: You gentleman are so gentle

Seungri: How’d you know that?


Seungri came a lot to our side. He really liked us. But on the other hand, TOP went to the other side and didn’t go to our side much at all. You may as well know by now that my favourite is TOP so this post is unfortunately TOP-biased (and so will be all the pictures I will be showing on this post).

Seungri, up close and personal :)

Seungri, up close and personal 🙂

You know how concerts will have this opening show on this giant screen? For Big Bang, it was this huge meteor show/giant fireball thingy hitting earth. It was all very space theme, which uh, kind of makes sense because you know, they’re called Big Bang? So yeah, funny I didn’t think about that until now. Unlike SM Town and Music Bank which showed areas of their concert venue, BB had nothing UK-related. I don’t really care actually! 😀

Then BB came out and performed their first batch of songs. Fantastic Baby had the most audience participation. The sound was pretty deafening. Even though fans were screaming and singing BOOM SHAKALAKA or WOW! FANASTIC BABY! It was pretty much overshadowed by the thrashing music. Taeyang and G-Dragon sounded very chipmunky. Seungri and Daesung and TOP sounded at least, normal.

BigBang performing Cafe

BigBang performing Cafe

I can’t remember which part, but Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri came on and began talking to fans. Seungri, cos he liked our side, taught us how to do Fantastic Baby whilst Daesung took the other side and Taeyang took central. Another interesting thing is that Seungri and Taeyang both told fans in the central standing area to move back. More on that later, because I heard there was an accident (plus a fan-fight, le sigh). All of BB have good english (well, maybe except TOP lol harhar) and they were able to tell us how much they liked UK, liked us, and how awesome we were and they were even able to crack jokes which I thought were hilarious.


After this, G-Dragon and TOP performed their solos, with TOP looking all boss with his cane and his dramatic entrance onto stage via this cart-thingy loaded with speakers 😀 There was also a performance with G-Dragon and TOP on segways and Taeyang on a bike.

Seungri and Taeyang and Daesung performed their solos (with Seungri carrying a gun, shooting at us. Taeyang performed Wedding Dress.


Daesung’s solo was BOSS too :D). Daesung threw his jacket into the crowd; Taeyang tore his shirt off during Wedding Dress. G-Dragon threw his towel into the crowd too. The concert went by really quickly. I noticed G-Dragon sat on the stage a lot XD


TOP also sat down and lay down for a bit. They would often go up to the camera and sing in front of it, much to fans delight. A few things from fans were thrown on stage but unfortunately, BB ignored it cos they would be picked up by staff later, me thinks.

TOP lying down

TOP lying down

Surprisingly, there were only 3 encores when I heard there was about 5 on Friday night. I think they were tired; Taeyang had a nosebleed on the Friday concert and performed for the rest of the night with a curled piece of tissue stuck up his nose, saying “Don’t judge me” (much to fan’s delight…?). It was a shame about the Saturday concert because they did seem tired, but its understandable because their schedules are so demanding. The concert finished at half 9 and a lot of people were waiting outside our hotel hoping they’d see them in their cars, but actually BB were staying in Royal Garden Hotel. Right, so onto the juice!

  • Apparently, two girls in the standing area of the arena stank like hell.
  • When Daesung threw his jacket, fans went crazy and pushed and shoved. A fan fan posted up on facebook about how her sister and herself got shoved to the ground during this 😦
  • The security team are biased. Fans who misbehave or those who inconvenience other fans, they actually treat them well. Well-behaved fans are apparently constantly yelled at.
  • A crazy fan carrying huge VIP BB badges/banners/flags kept hitting everyone that some fans had to go to hospital.
  • In BB concert, they will ask you sing Haru Haru back to them. Make sure you know the words!
  • When BB sing ‘Blue’, fans are meant to have blue glowsticks. Nothing was done in the UK concert though. Fans are terribly unorganised here
  • In BB concert, you MUST have their crown glowstick. I think it makes it all worthwhile.

Regardless, the BB Alive Tour was a great concert, and should BB ever perform in your country, go and see them!!!! I’m going to end this post with more pics, some TOP pics because I am biased like that.



2 thoughts on “BIGBANG Alive Tour London 2012 Trip

  1. kmisa says:

    This is a really late reply, but happy new year!
    I’m so jealous of you!! Seeing Big Bang live must have been SO awesome. TOP is my favourite too, your eyeballs must be so blessed because man is simply beautiful XD Wish they’d make a trip down under D: But lucky you, and thanks for posting up photos!

    • Fish and Chips says:

      No probs! Happy new year!! lol xDD It was awesome!! Although when I came back home, I think I just sat down for a bit realising I’d watched Big Bang live O_O! Ohhhhhh yes, TOP is a HUNK. I was into TOP first, then I got my sister into him as well hehehe xDDD

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