King of Fighters Yonkoma

Ah, so ‘Yonkoma’ is the name for comic strips that are only 4 panels long. Usually for humour and parody, the King of Fighters franchise was notorious for its mass amount of 4-panel comic strips featuring hilarious skits of its various characters from doujinshi and official artists alike…although for the later games where Ash appeared, those yonkoma weren’t that great.

In the early 2000’s, the King of Fighter’s ultimate website called Orochinagi featured a HUGE gallery with all these 4 panel comic strips. Now I can’t seem to find them but never fear, fellow KOF fans, for I saved them all (or at least, the most funniest ones anyway) and now I can share them with you via my photobucket.

Here is the link:

(PS, please tell me if the link does not work)

And here are some of my favourite comic strips…

And here’s another:

Most yonkoma are in black and white though. The ones with K9999, K’ and Maxima are extremely LOL.

This is the last one; I have tonnes more favourite but these will have to do for now. Enjoy!


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