Big Bang Coming to UK!!

Yeah I knew about this a couple of days ago but I got my tickets today at Livenation. I could not access the website for 20 minutes and by that time, I do believe all the good seats were all sold out TT^TT

They will be performing at the Wembley Arena in London on December 15th!!!

The first presale of tickets was available on the website 02 so if you are an 02 customer (like moi) then you could get early tickets, however these tickets were for seats on the upper tier of Wembley arena which wouldn’t exactly guarantee a good view.

The next sale of tickets started today at 9am on Again, these were also the same tickets for the upper tier only. It is interesting to know that all the standing tickets are sold out now.

The other batch of tickets began selling one hour later at 10am, and these were the Soundcheck tickets (you will get to see Big Bang before the concert plus you get snazzy extras like glow sticks for the concert, t-shirt and a free drink, apparently). Other tickets included early access and hot picks; even then these hot pick tickets were unfortunately poor seats, too.

Oh well, here’s hoping better seats are available tomorrow, because I would like a better seat. It’s a bit too unfortunate these tickets cost an absolute fortune.

The ticket prices are:

Upper Tier: £66.00 – 77.00 (mine cost 77.00)

Soundcheck package: £235 including a ticket, £145 to upgrade (if you have already bought a ticket but would like to see Big Bang before and get goodies, too)

Hot Tickets: £170 (apparently you could choose your seat, but even then the seats were in poor areas of the arena)

So why is everything so expensive and why is everyone going MENTAL over Big Bang? Well, they have a huge fanbase in Asia, US, and who knows how big they are in Europe? I have a few friends from France and Holland coming to see them in UK!

So who are Big Bang anyway?

Watch this video and you’ll find out!


4 thoughts on “Big Bang Coming to UK!!

  1. Tofubyu says:

    Wow you lucky person! O:
    I wouldn’t mind paying all my money to buy BigBang’s concert ticket.
    Sadly though, I live in this tiny little country called NZ which is probably hidden or something on the map because kpop stars never come here D:
    Have fun though ;O;

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Heeeey lol yeah I guess we did get lucky this time!!!! I mean its BIGBANG!!! O_O they also announced another day which is Friday, but we’re only going to see them on Saturday. I will definitely blog about it :)) i think they might go to NZ, if they don’t, is there another country close by they go to which you can go?

      • Tofubyu says:

        Nope, they aren’t even going to Aussie D:
        But i’ll definitely go see them one day!
        Have fun and don’t forget to take lots of photos! Haha 😀

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