Koisentai Love and Peace the PSP CGs on Photobucket :)

Whoohoo I have decided to post up links to my various collections of CGs from otome games that interest me. Unfortunately Scared Rider Xechs is a game in which I do not have the complete CG pack for some unknown reason ^^U For now, please enjoy the CGs of Koisentai Love & Peace the PSP, the Power Ranger-based otome game where you play as pink ranger and you can go with a range of guys including red ranger (who seems to fancy pink ranger a lot ), yellow ranger, black ranger and blue ranger!!!!

What the eff is that? Freaking dinosaurs are in this game…

To be honest I can’t post up a lot of teaser CGs because it feels like doing that would spoil things for you. An interesting note is that you never see the heroine’s face. You can only see the back of her head or if it is a full-face frontal shot, her eyes will be conveniently covered by a cloth or helmet or whatever else there is. But I will try and post the CGs I find best.

Something about Koisentai which I like is that the CGs seem to be… different compared to the usual otome game.



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