Diabolik Lovers CGs on Photobucket :))

Okay, I’m feeling a lot better now and I have the Diabolik Lover CGs to share with you guys. Diabolik Lovers is now released and someone has kindly uploaded all the CGs but on this dodgy, virus-infested uploading site.  I have saved stolen them and put them on my photobucket (link at end of post). My favourites are still Shuu, Ayato and Subaru, so here are some of their CGs:

I didn’t really like Ayato at first because I didn’t like the way how he grinned (like crazy slasher-murderer grin), but he’s kinda grown on me despite that @_@ See how forceful he is towards our heroine in like, every single fricken CG?? (except from the middle one. Even then he still looks evil)

The others don’t appeal to me much, especially the sadistic rapist guy who can’t stop calling the heroine a bitch. Ehhh. no.

So here, we have Subaru, the most…romantic but crazy violent vampire, I guess. I liked his Drama CD the best 🙂

For more CGs for all the guys, please click here heehee!



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