I am asking nicely here. Would people stop copying my stories?

Recently I was informed through PM from an author who was kind to tell me about a site called Quotev where apparently my story had surfaced.

I DO NOT recall ever posting up on other sites except from Fanfiction and adultfanfiction.net and even if I did, I would tell you guys first as I have did so before announcing my decision to move Oh My Alucard to adultfanfic so obviously this is someone else.

And this someone had the nerve to post up 15 chapters of my story. Fifteen! Wtf! She/He copied my entire Oh My Alucard fic from word to word, Ruby, and even Chapter titles, etc. You know, I spent an ENTIRE YEAR planning this fic. It wasn’t easy coming up with the plot. Ruby and Caelum and Luther are my characters. I even have freaking drawings of them.

I know it’s just a fanfic, but I put in a lot of effort and time in writing this and it really makes me angry when someone just copies and pastes my work and then calls it their own. Maybe I would not be so angry as I am now if someone had kindly asked me if they could upload my fic on another website. But nooooo, they did it without my permission and I am seething. Even though I know my story/writing skills aren’t the greatest or anything, it is hurtful and a complete insult to the author, so please stop doing this.

Stop copying my stories, and make up your own!

It’s not that hard!!!!


2 thoughts on “I am asking nicely here. Would people stop copying my stories?

  1. FB says:

    poor you, I think it’s a kind of bot, which automatic copy anything suit its tags without knowing what written

    btw: Mai Hien opera =]]

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