Review: Kumikki Beauty (くみっきー Beauty)

Holy eggs I am seriously wondering what’s happening to my blog now. Two beauty book reviews in less a week?! What is my blog about anyway? Anime? Manga? K-pop? Beauty? I can’t decide anymore! I certainly have no actual topic to discuss about, either (for example, I found a blog all about pie, nothing else. Just. Pie).

But yes, I bought Kumikki’s beauty book along with Pony’s. I know it is spelled as Kumikki but I’ve written the entire review as Kumicky so I’m just going to leave it as that for now. Kumicky’s book is far lighter but bigger than Pony’s. It also comes with a DVD which I watched just there. You see her without make up (le gasp) before and after, and her voice is kawaii lol. It was really good – I’ll post up a link with screenshots of the video if anyone is interested. Just to let you know, Kumicky spends a lot of time on the makeup process. She even puts eyeshadow to contour her nose o_O


The book’s also got this ginormous picture of her face on the cover and you can see her circle lens. My god! What big teeth you have! Just kidding. This girl was my role model at some point during my gyaru phase so I adore her to bits.

Plus, the girl is hilarious.

Anyway, this book felt like a big mashup of Kumicky’s beauty tips, photobook, food diary, yoga lesson and an autobiography. It was, because the Chapters are named as such: Mind, Makeup, hair, Skincare, Body and Life.

In the ‘Mind’ chapter (ie, the first chapter), she passes onto us her words of Kumicky wisdom and lesson in life, or more like, her set of values and beliefs. Kumiko shares with us the secret to being cute…uh…kawaii(?) is to have a….cute/kawaii mindset. What she really meant by that, I don’t exactly know how to translate into english. She also says try to be optimistic, never be satisfied with what you are (she means that if you have accepted what you already are, then you won’t improve in life) and to always challenge yourself. Kumiko then explains that happiness comes if you smile. Even if your life sucks or you have misfortune, she says, remember to ALWAYS SMILE!!! Okay, Kumiko, if you say so XDD

Further important ‘mind lessons’ of Kumiko is to never lie, learn more about yourself and to…always be in love. I think she means here that you must be, or have a ‘young at heart’ motif or else you will lose your mojo and stop smiling, stop being cute etc. Okay, this was really hard to translate and explain! Sorry TT_TT”” She also believes that, if you want longer eyelashes, just keep believing that you have long eyelashes and gradually your eyelashes will grow longer.

Oh Kumiko, if you ever go for a job interview here, I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colours.

The next chapter is Makeup where Kumiko teaches us her makeup tricks and tips as well as her infamous eye make up. She wants to become a makeup teacher/artist. I’d say she’s already accomplished that!!! She states some golden rules such as ‘Your eyes must always be soft/gentle’ (again, me and poor translating skills).

Whooooaa Kumiko looks different without makeup. Although she is still recognisable compared to other gyaru models I have seen without their makeup. Sometimes I really do believe circle lens aren’t necessary all the time.

Now we move onto various gyaru looks (PS. These are ALL the looks featured in the book; there were only 4).

I think Kumiko suits all the looks very well! No.2 looks the most gyaru. It’s too extreme to look like that in the UK, but no.4 was the most @_@ It had me going WTF THAT CANNOT BE HER…OH IT IS HER!!!!!

She looks so mature BD

Okay, moving onto hair now; She is wearing wigs here although I had actually thought that she dyed her hair over and over again. I think she suits the one where she has the dark brown hair, and wearing the black top with the red hat the most. She looks a bit like Tsubasa Masuwaka there @_@ *ish jealous*

I missed out the skincare chapter because it was disappointingly sparse. The Body chapter was frighteningly scary; Kumiko has another hidden talent – not only is she cute and kawaii but she is an expert in yoga. There’s a picture of her in a pose with her leg being bent up in an awkward angle (and she was SMILING o_O). I won’t post it here in case I induce nightmares in any of you young’uns. No wonder she is so fit!!!!

Food and Life next, were we see her delicious weekly meals and…a picture of her drinking beer. YES BEER. OH MY GASH KUMICKYYYYY. I didn’t scan it in though.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. Unlike Pony’s DVD, where you don’t even hear her speak, Kumicky shows you how to do her make-up right in front of your eyes!!!!!!!! She is so cute. Seriously. And the DVD had great background music, too. I think it is Vocaloid but I’m not sure. I tried finding them on the internet but apparently, no such song exists TT^TT

I give this book 4/5!!!!! I would make it 5/5 but I really wished the DVD covered hair too…TT^TT

The DVD itself was split into 4 parts for the face, eyeshadow, eyelashes and cheeks. You could click on each part individually and you see Kumick narrating the progress and basically see her do her make-up on camera. Very interesting for all you gyarus out there. Invaluable wisdom indeed! Here are some DVD screenshots to finish this post:


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