Review: 韓國化妝女王Pony’s超正女神妝

Hello again~ Today I have a review on a book I bought from Yesasia called Pony’s…well, there’s no official English title, but the Chinese title is 韓國化妝女王Pony’s超正女神妝 which roughly translates to South Korean’s Make-up Goddess Pony’s Ultra Goddess Look Book, or Pony’s Special Makeup Book. Well, something like that anyway ehehe.


Again, sorry for the dull scans TT^TT

This is her second book, and it’s been translated into Chinese, which I can, well, sorta read and it says on the front cover: Want to learn the makeup secrets of Girls Generation Tiffany? (Me: YES I FOCKING DO!) Kimyuna’s cute innocent look? Brown Eyed Girl’s Super Sexy Little devil eyeliner technique?

If the answer’s YES to any of those above, then you’ve come to the right book!

No, it didn’t say that, that’s just me xDD

I didn’t know who Pony was until I found the book review of her first book on another website (when I first heard her name the first thing that sprung to my mind was My Little Pony – sorry). I then snooped around on Yesasia and came across her second book, so decided to give that a go. The book also includes a 90 minute-long DVD which I’ve still to pop into my laptop and have a looksee, primarily cos I’ve still to go through most of the book. This book is da bomb!!!!

Chapter 1 covers Face, Chapter 2 covers Eyes and Lips, Chapter 3 features Makeup looks using brown makeup, Chapter 4 Blue and Green makeup respectively, Chapter 5 covers ‘Monotone’ makeup and finally, Chapter 6 shows Purple makeup looks (I man eyeshadow, of course).

Right, so Chapter 1 begins with The Face. Pony explains in this chapter that she likes to use green tea for her face. After you finish drinking green tea, she says, don’t throw the bag away. Instead, put it into the fridge and let it chill overnight. The next morning, after you wash your face, cleanse/tone etc, take it out and use these on your eyes. You can also use green tea to wash your face. Hmm! I might start doing that from now. Have you SEEN her facial complexion?? Absolutely flawless *_* She also mentions extra virgin olive oil, but my crappy Chinese reading skills translated it as either she likes to use that to wash her face too(?). Anyway, she recommends Etude House Any Oil 21 in this case. She also recommends more (like… bean paste), but unfortunately I’ll have to pass on that now in this review.

Next, she demonstrates to us facial and neck massages, make-up application techniques using your fingers and brushes to get a different coverage (honestly, I just rub foundation all over my face in all sorts of directions whilst making sure I get enough coverage. I gotta stop doing that) and various ways to enhance your overall complexion when using makeup.

In Chapter 2 Eye and Lip, Pony tells us eyeshadow application is in stages/layers. We start with Base, Medium, then Deep. For the base, she recommends a lot of Bobbi Brown and MAC make-up products as an eyeshadow base such as the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow shade in Bone, MAC eyeshadow in Retro Speck and Brill. For the second layer or Medium, she recommends Bobbi Brown #12 and #4, MAC Casino and Goldmine. For Deep, she shows us Bobbi Brown #12 and #32. She also recommends various shades, but overall, for eyeshadow, it’s up to you whichever shade you want J

Pony also gives us tips for monolidded persons (like moi). She recommends using eyeliner on the outer eyeline, not the inner, because you cannot see eyeliner there anyway. Good point!!! She also says if you have small eyes, you should draw a line on your lower lash line to bring out your eyes.


In the lip section, she further suggests good shades of lipstick that will match your eyeshadow. Again, the brands listed are Bobbi Brown and MAC.

So here are some of the looks featured in the ‘BROWN’ makeup section. I liked this section the best because her makeup is so flawless and natural here. It is really good for daily use. Her ‘Special’ in this part was also RED, which is the same makeup look that is featured on the cover of the book.

Earnestly I would not wear red lipstick in public because I’d look horrible. Damn I wish looked like Pony. HNNGHHH.

And down here are some of the ‘Blue and Green’ looks. I’ve never really worn blue/green eyeshadow because I’d be afraid I’d look like a weirdo, but I might try these some day. Her ‘Special’ feature here were the daring Gal Japanese style. It’s funny how she pulls these funny faces for these pics…or maybe she really isn’t but I still think she looks funny lol.

She’s definitely wearing circle lens, too. I kinda like this Korean Gal Makeup a lot compared to Japanese Gal/gyaru. Gyaru’s just a bit too much for me now.

Her next Special was ‘Celebs’, where she dons the makeup looks of Kimyuna, Angelababy and Tiffany. However, I didn’t think the Tiffany makeup feature resembled Tiffany in any way. I don’t get it…

The ‘Monotone’ chapter was definitely my least favourite. I didn’t like any of the makeup looks featured in that section at all. It was not my style, so I’ve given it a miss. However, I did like the Pony’s Special feature, which I think was muuuuuuuch better than the actual Monotone chapter itself (dear god it really was monotone).

Here are Casual, Pure and Dolly J

The ‘Purple’ chapter was nice. Something about Korean makeup is that the underlying goal is to look as natural, pretty and sweet as possible, as well as looking flawless, smooth and…clean, I guess.  I mean, you can see some makeup looks in magazines these days and their suggested makeup looks make the person look way too old, strange, or just downright horrible.

This is my favourite look

In conclusion (hahaha sounds like I am writing an essay here), this book is very good if you wish to achieve the natural, flawless, smooth complexion look. My only gripe is Pony uses circle lens of various colours and she is naturally double lidded (seems like everyone is….except me) and there are only 2-3 looks for monolids like yours truly here. The rest of the featured makeup looks applies to only double lids, so I guess I am to cross over to the dark side and take out my doublelid eyetalk glue, or tape, and start prodding around at my eyes with the plastic prong tool.

The other gripe is, well, if you are as pretty as Pony then the looks will do wonder on you. If you have my mug then maybe not… You know, like big nose and buck teeth and phat lips. Before you get any ideas on what I look like, or even try to, don’t, I say, for you will be scarred. But yes, not-so-pretty people may have different results from her makeup tutorials. It’s just like cooking. How come the thing you cook never looks like what it looks in the book?

And the next gripe is the free DVD that is meant to show you some of the makeup looks in real life, and not just on paper. Even then there were only about 5 makeup looks she did, compared to the buhjillion featured in the book. You also don’t see Pony’s face, just her eyes. The camera cuts off her mouth and her nose moves as she speaks. It’s also rather… boring, as in, the commentary just makes you about to drift off… It’s a bit bland, unfortunately.

Oh well, never mind. It doesn’t bother me that much that the DVD’s a bit of a bore, and it doesn’t bother me that much that I do have small beady eyes and it doesn’t help because my eyelids are kind of hidden. They’re still there, obviously. They just don’t want to come out and say hello. Anyway, before I creep you out even further, it just goes to show how lucky people with double lids are!!! But this review is about the book, so here goes my final verdict.

I present this book with a 3/5 stars, with 2 taken off due to the points made above ^ (but they are very little things that don’t need to fussed over, really) but I am in serious awe of all the techniques and the products she recommends to achieve the looks. Buuuut I do like all the makeup looks featured (the majority anyway) so well done Pony! I look forward to your next book 🙂


One thought on “Review: 韓國化妝女王Pony’s超正女神妝

  1. Iris says:

    I’m very interested in buying the book now!! The makeup looks are so pretty!
    I’m in last year of high school now and for prom I wanted to do a red lipstick! So this book will come in handy for sure!!

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