Cool-B September 2012

Hellooooo, today I bring to you a preview of the Japanese magazine Cool-B. I bought this along with the Girl’s Style August issue. I knew nothing about this magazine, but since I got Girl’s Style and B’s-Log the last time I made an exotic, rare purchase, I thought ‘ey what the heck, let’s try something new!‘ Course I decided to nab this magazine because it also featured Dramatical Murder on its cover. Look at dat pretty art @_@

I don’t know what the ‘B’ stands for in Cool-B but soon I found out when it came through the post a few days ago (I actually ordered this mag back in August. Shipping took a couple of weeks, boo…). It’s main features are boy’s-love games. You know, yaoi and shounen-ai. It’s not for under 18’s. Now, I’m not a tremendous big fan of Boy x Boy love, but I didn’t know about this magazine, so okay.

Plus, I’m guilty of drawing some ‘yaoi’ art on Deviantart myself @_@

…And writing a yaoi Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic.

Yeah, so, okay, let’s move on.

Dramatical Murder had a 10 page feature. Okay, you ask, why did I only scan like, 3 pages? Ummm, that’s because most of the pages contained some of the CGs of Dramatical Murder which were the very hardcore yaoi and I’m surprised they even put it in a magazine which is can be easily bought by the public!!!!! Me thinks WordPress will ban me if I show those pics to you guys, so…I’ll just give it a miss ^^UU

Most of Cool-B is about yaoi games, so here is one called NO THANK YOU!!! Again, only 1 scan cos the rest has CGs of hardcore yaoi and I’m not sure about posting them pics up on this site.

Ahh, finally, I came to the girl’s section after 2 quarters of the magazine, raking through pictures of boys kissing and in eye-popping, head-scratching, cheek-blushing positions. Ahem. The sections for the otome games are TINYYYY. Look at Diabolik Lovers! Nothing new so far TT_TT””

Oh, but if you squint really hard, there’s a picture of a Drama CD which features Shuu, Ayato and Subaru and the rest all in their birthday suits.

Poor Genroh only got half a page.

Uta no Prince-sama next. They got some new guys in, but honestly, I really don’t like this otome game much. I think the creators were inspired by Boys Over Flowers so decided they’d do something like this. Even the school uniforms the characters wear look the same as Boys Over Flowers school uniforms. The anime was pretty much an animated version of Boys Over Flowers too.

Kamigami no Asobi next. We have 3 new characters, the God of Light, Earth/Ground (or Death/Underworld), and the Sea/Ocean god.

Aside from those, there wasn’t much in this magazine. Sorry for the lack of scans, but I really could not find anything of interest. I can’t even read Japanese but I thought this magazine was surprisingly and unfortunately, a little boring. However, if you are a Boys Love fan, then this magazine will really make you happy. Buuut there were no free gifts, and generally, I thought it was a bit of a waste of money so I won’t be buying this again 😦


7 thoughts on “Cool-B September 2012

  1. yuuki_chaan says:

    Hello!!!!!!!!! It’s been like…a lot!!
    I see you keep buying magazines, so good for you, I want them too TToTT *has a few b-log’s and girl’s style from new year*
    I don’t like yaoi/bl but..I always loved Nitro+chiral’s drawing style, it’s so beautiful *is praying so they make an otome-not-bl/yaoi-game with those drawings* thank you for not posting more of those +18 pics!
    Anyways, though I can’t come around too often I read your entries when I have time~ keep it up ;D

    • Fish and Chips says:

      hellloooooo haven’t seen you for a while eheh ^^ how are things??? Yep i’m pretty much skint from buying these japanese magazines even though I can’t bloody read them!!! don’t if i’m just stupid or weird @_@ nitro+chiral’s style is what drew me to buy this magazine in the first place 🙂 OMG I know!!!! tis a shame their art is used in boys love game only. fingers crossed they DO draw for an otome game for us gals :DDD the guys will be hawt for sure

      • yuuki_chaan says:

        Yes I’ve been really busy..still am D:
        Good, studying to be a movie director and shooting many proyects so running everywhere! What about you?
        I can’t read them either, I went to Japan once, and bout hell lots of magazines, I just drool at the images, so you’re not the only one XD
        Totally!! I mean…even the bl/yaoi fans would buy it cuz…THOSE DRAWINGS *and many of the buyers are girls anyways* so why?! TToTT

      • Fish and Chips says:

        cool! Hows that going? wow movie directing huh? that sounds awesome! man i so jealous u went to japan. what was japan like? u should blog about it!!!!! oh u know that pic of the NO THANK YOU!!! game on my post? One of the men look like my dad!!!!! O__O

      • yuuki_chaan says:

        Yeah, we’re doing it tomorrow! (sorry for the super late reply D=)
        hahaha i’d love to, that’d be awesome, but of course i’d want to be the girl if the actor was good ♥ ahahha jk XD
        it’s a short movie that wont be any dialog, about a writer that creates a geisha (yeah i’m so into it haha) and she wants to take control of the creator, the story is pretty interesting =P
        why? you dont like it? or just you think you cant do it?
        kinda haha, i dont really wanna be a director (cant make decisions for her own good), but one of those that only appear in the credits and nobody reads hahaha (like the producer, director assistant or something) though it’s really hard, i mean, it’s a time consuming job… m(XoX)/<brains!)

        Hahah dont worry, i did too XD
        oh yeah! i remember! hahaha it must be pretty strange for you right?
        what a shame, why not? i'm just not really into it cuz no time and i still dont have the fandisk (hahah still looking for it)
        nice one! i like the drawings ♥ (as always hahah) there're many otomes going on that seem interesting~! wish i had more time…. \(TToTT)/ <why?!)

      • yuuki_chaan says:

        Good, it’s draining me little by little but I’m doing my best! [m(XoX)/ <help!)]
        Yeah but I didn't stay for long at Tokyo (sadly) I so wanted to see around! Yeah I should but time is killing me, I should be doing a casting request right now *is escaping from her chores*
        I'm not sure, I think I know what you say, the game from gree? If so, the change was horrible *laughs* oh really?! Which one? O_O

      • Fish and Chips says:

        Casting request? O_O sounds awesome!!!!!! You should totally make some kind of movie on otome games or something haha ^^”” J/k. what kind of movie is it btw? I’ve always steered clear away from any studies related to drama/media/journalism/acting or anything. Soooo does that mean you can become a director after you graduated? that’ll be soooo cool!!

        anyway…. lol sorry got carried away there…. um the one at the far right, the old man in the black t-shirt on the NO THANK YOU!!! page…he kinda looks like my dad…well, when my dad was a bit younger -______-“” anyways…i don’t really like scared rider xechs anymore. but I am totally digging jyuzaengi!!!!!

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