Tiny x Machine Gun Drama CD Vol. 1


Hey guys!

I got the Tiny x Machine Gun drama cd that i’ve been dying to have and it’s Awwesoommee~~!
Label me as a huge TXMG fan if you will as I fell in love right away after visiting the game’s official website and also after listening to the cd. lol

Anyhow, here’s what went on in the first volume “The Knockdown”.

Track 1:
The track starts with Midou Zen, the ex-super police officer, who attempts to shoot the city’s mayor. Because of this, he becomes a wanted criminal. Skip forward to the present, the city’s news channel “Seven’s TV” reporter, Patricia, and her crew intended to film the debut of Tiny McDaniel (the main character) in Vaneast, the police force. The McDaniels are like the super stars of the police force so reporters are excited to have another MacD on board. Their broadcast was interrupted when the building they are…

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