Top 5 Magazines of the 90’s

I’m at home today, taking a break from 6 days of hectic work at an office and a restaurant, and I’m actually getting bored of sitting on the sofa doing nothing except stuff my face with Pringles and Kit Kats, and I’m still in the middle of attempting to find that Copic marker book to review later, so I thought I’d type this short post for now. Unfortunately, it is UK-exclusive and girl-exclusive as I will be discussing the Top 5 magazines I used to read as a kid. Now, I’m not exactly sure what prompted this but yesterday night, I was thinking about my childhood and how fast it seemed to have passed.

Nostalgia aside, let’s get onto the list, shall we? The order is starting from 5 all the way to 1 (with 1 being the top, of course)

5. Bunty/The Beano.

According to wikipedia, this magazine was aimed for girls and ran from 1958 to 2001 (but that picture below says 2009, which has confused me now O_O). It contained tonnes of ever-changing comic strips, promotions, adverts and competitions, puzzles etc. I do briefly remember owning quite a lot of these when I was in Primary school except the new updated covers of the 90’s meant they would have cover models and not cartoons on the cover of the magazine. Anyway, all the ones I have owned have all disappeared! ūüė¶ I should have kept them, as I do believe they might be considered vintage!

So Bunty was for girls, what was for boys? The Beano, of course. I put the Beano here because I remember it more than Bunty, and I¬†liked it more than its rival mag,¬†The Dandy. It also introduced Dennis the Menace, Rodger the Dodger, Minnie the Minx (uh…why does that sound wrong all of a sudden?) , The Bash Street Kids and The Numskulls. Though Sure, it’s for boys, but this satiated the tomboy-ish streak inside me.¬†It was more interesting than The Dandy and had great free gifts, like that Jar Jar Binks plastic toy which had the long, sticky tongue. Wish I kept that too. The good news is, the Beano is still available today.

After learning about yaoi, I have noticed some things. You see, the reason who Dennis the Menace always picks on Walter the Softy is because he is jealous of his smartness, his looks but the real reason is because HE SECRETLY LOVES HIM.

4. Top of the Pops/Smash Hits

I don’t remember much about Top of the Pops, but Smash Hits was THE magazine. It was THE music magazine. It gave free CDs and stickers and other things I went mad for and therefore collected as much as I could. Music in the 1990s was sooooooooo much better than it is now, with Boyzone, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys…Uh…Five(?). Okay, maybe not Five, but Smash Hits was hot. It even had a music channel on TV which is sadly no longer there, I do believe. But yes, Smash Hits earns a spot on my list.

3. Disney and Me

I used to LOVE these comics when I was in Primary school and so I have placed it in 3rd place above Bunty and The Beano. I think they’re still publishing now, and obviously I won’t enjoy them as much as I used to. I remember every single shopping trip, I’d go and nab myself a copy of this mag, or at least, try to beg my mum to put it in our shopping trolley.

2. Shout

Roughly near the end of my primary school days, I read Shout magazine an awful lot. Shout magazine is aimed at teenage girls and its rival was Mizz, but I preferred Shout magazine becuase it had cooler free gifts (some which I still¬†have now hurrhurr), competitions, promotions, quizzes and sections I found more interesting and suitable for my tween years. It also had ‘Write in your Problems and Aunty Cathy will respond’ followed by¬†a *banner of kind-looking woman with dark hair at the top*.

Lol. It says ‘Hot Lads Issue’. LOOL

It began to grow stale because the massive¬†’embarrassing moments’¬†sections where readers send in their embarrassing moments and they would publish it in the magazine and probably give you a cheque for a fiver. Every¬†2 or 3 issues, there’d always be a ’embarrassing moment’ consisting of a girl in¬†an electrical shop who tried to look cool in front of a lad she fancied so she grabbed the nearest phone on display and pretended to be chatting to her friend. It will then turn out she’d grabbed a remote control instead.

So one day I genuinely had an embarrassing moment in public that my family and friends and even people in the streets who I didn’t even know¬†were laughing¬†at me¬†and I wrote about it and sent¬†to Shout magazine. Real embarrassing moment btw. Guess what? It never appeared in the next issue, but the remote control embarrassing moment came. AGAIN. And I became a bit¬†suspicious (the readers aren’t dumb, you know).

I mean, come on! Why can’t you¬†put in¬†better ’embarrassing moments’?

1. My Beautiful Horses

I swear to god no-one remembers this magazine. or even knew this magazine existed,¬†except me and a minority of horse lovers (yes, that’s another fact of Fish and Chips – I LOVE horses).

This magazine tops my list as it is the one that holds the most of my childhood memories. It was a magazine where in every issue, you’d get a free toy model of a horse. I collected at leasy over 100 issues… had 100 horses… my first model horse being a Shire Horse who I called ‘Major’ and was the alpha male (and the second was Chestnut, a brown mare).

And then for some stupid reason, I threw them away.

I no longer have them…

…and now I can no longer find this magazine or the horses ūüė¶ Even if I ebay it, I won’t find the same ones I’d had. Uhhh, so many regrets.

But yes, this was my most favourite magazine in the whole wide universe when I was like, 4 – 7 years old. It had so many competitions (which I would NEVER win despite my loyalty) and so many interesting things about, well, horses.


Soooo there goes my list. But what about now? Well, I generally don’t read magazines anymore. Maybe except Girls’ Style or B’s-Log or even Popteen/Egg and Vivi, but those are in Japanese and I can’t read Japanese, so does that count as actual reading? Probably not. I used to own a lot of Neo Anime and Manga magazines and the Official Playstation mags, but those were such a waste of money, I have generally given up on magazines now. If anyone has any recommendations, I’ll gladly be all ears ūüôā


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