Tiny x Machine Gun manga

Well, I’m back to blogging cos I finally got the wi-fi sorted! Buuuuut errk, I’m extremely sorry it took me such a long time to scan and post this up TT_TT But here it is, the Tiny x Machine gun short introductory manga that was featured in the May issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style. I have not translated any of it so it is completely raw. Plus, one of the images (img233) somehow went all weird when it scanned o__O

To make up for the lateness in posting and scanning, I have also scanned in the Tiny x Machine Gun Special Interviews. Enjoooooy ~~

And there we have it! Once again, I’m so sorry this took soooooooo long for me to post up. Gnnnarghhhh do you have any idea how hard it is to get as much of the picture from the magazine as possible? I bent the magazine to oblivion and then to scan them, I had to practically lie over the spine just to flatten it down as much as possible -______-“”” I wish they’d make magazines a lot more flexible (…somehow)!! Anywayz…Here are the special interviews:


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