B’s-Log July 2012 Scans

Aha! Here comes my B’s-Log July 2012 post. Again, if you saw my Dengeki Girl’s Style post, then you should know what to expect. And this time, I took the pictures in a really really bright environment but the pictures still came out dull and flat. I am not amused! Here, I’m just splashing on interesting pages of B’s-Log and you can see all the pretty pictures. Generally, this is what I got with the B’s-Log magazine. It was surprisingly lacking compared to Girl’s Style, but B’s-Log is much thicker than Girl’s Style and seems to have more information compared to Girls’ Style.

UPDATE: Nyaaargh I completely forgot I received a booklet with B’s-Log. While Girls’ Style came with a Toki no Kizuna book, B’s Log had a Hana Awase booklet.

I was more happy with this one mainly because of the 6 page feature of Diabolik Lovers. Basically, it had a picture (that was already on the Diabolik Lovers website), but then it had the additional pictures of the guys in their normal wear as well as ‘school’ wear. And not only that, but they were in different poses too. Oh B’s-Log, you have made me a happy bunny ^_______^


Kamigami no Asobi (below) was next, although it only showed 2 new characters. The one on the left page is called Hades Aidoneus and the red-head Grell look-a-like is Loki Laevatein. It looks interesting though. We’ll have to wait to find out more!

Ozmafia was given a bigger section than Girl’s Style but here I found out it is actually for the PC, which I am a little disappointed about -_______-“”

Then we get to Koisentai Love & Peace. What an interesting picture….. ^_^””

There was also a game called School Wars with a Persona 4 Kanji look-a-like. The art didn’t exactly appeal to me but the characters do look good. Plus, everyone’s holding guns.

This is where I really wished I could read Japanese, because of the feature concerning Wand of Fortune 2. Le gasp. It’s such a beautifully drawn game.

So where Girl’s Style falls short, B’s-Log picks up on, because Genroh’s features contained pictures of in-game CGs, which I found on the website.

Lastly, after all the dough on otome games (and there were a lot), BL games are featured, anime and other games. For instance, Persona 4 The Golden, which I think will be released for PS Vita.


7 thoughts on “B’s-Log July 2012 Scans

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Hi hi 🙂 I don’t subscribe to this magazine, I got it from a website called yesasia which ships worldwide. I picked up Girl’s Style and this and together, it was eligible for free shipping. In total it cost about 30 bucks with B’s Log being more expensive O_O

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