電撃Girl’s Style 2012 May Issue (Dengeki Girl’s Style)

People in Japan are so lucky. Their magazines have so much included in them and there’s so much to look at. They’re also at least the size of a small Yellow Pages and I’ve never seen so many pin-ups included in my life.

I decided to treat myself again (since my last exotic rare purchase was back in March TT__TT) and I bought an otome game magazine, Girl’s Style. I got the May Issue of Girl’s Style because…well, I did buy it in May but it took some time to get here, and this magazine issue had features I was interested in, such as Kamigami no Asobi – Ludere Deorum which is featured on the cover. Main website here: http://www.kamiaso.com/

Again, I am using a HD camera, but the pictures are rather dull and colourless for some reason (it’s a Sony camera, too!!!! What happened???)

Anyway, here is what was included with Girl’s Style, a booklet featuring Toki no Kizuna (main website: http://www.otomate.jp/toki/), some kind of small, funny booklet with the guys from Uta no Prince-sama, and 3 Starry Sky stickers.

There were a lot of pull outs. There was a pull-out poster for Custom Drive, an otome game where you can apparently ‘customize your boyfriend’ @__@

The booklet about Toki no Kizuna was really interesting. It was like a mini magazine, or a guidebook, in itself. And the quality was excellent. I’m really getting sick and tired of magazines here giving us fake lipgloss or the most ugliest bowling bags ever which they call a ‘MUST HAVE FOR SUMMER’, they should really take some cues from Japanese magazine marketing. The booklet was a nice, dense leaflet, although about 6 pages long, was A4 sized, about the same size as the Girl’s Style magazine itself, filled with extravagant pictures and information ^_^



There was a pull-out for Kamigami  no Asobi too, unfortunately it was the same picture on the magazine cover so no surprises there. I actually thought the magazine was a really good Art magazine. So, if you are wanting to learn how to draw, this is really good. Tonnes of bishies galore, if you are trying to find your own style, or looking for good designs 🙂

The first feature was obviously Kamigami, so we get this nice big picture of Apollon (blonde guy, ‘sun god’) and Tsukito (purple haired guy who is apparently the ‘moon god’).


Then we had Double Score, a PC otome game where all the potential guys are like…double or triple or quadruple your age, with the oldest being 46 years. I guess this is for girls who like older oyaji-sans. Then again, there’s this guy who’s apparently 29 but he looks 19. The art is…. nice, but some of the guys are smiling or scowling as if they are getting their mugshots taken. Creepy….

I wonder why its called Double Score....

Then there was this huge feature on Genroh, a game where the characters are drawn by the same artist who did Nise no Chigiri so this looks promising because lovely art is always a bonus for me; and all the characters were given full-bodied pics which was really nice 😀  (main website here: http://www.otomate.jp/genroh/)

Hm. Pretty guy, check. Helpless-looking heroine? Check. Ladies and gentlemen, we have an otome game!He looks like a mix of Yamamoto and Masato from Nise no Chigiri :)

Next, we come to Isshoni Gohan Apartment Dinner Show which is about cooking. I think the artist here looks very Uta no Prince-sama-y, but I could be wrong. The website is here if you are interested in finding out more. A plus is that Daisuke Ono is voicing a character!!!!! ME LIKE ^_^ (Main website: http://www.otomate.jp/gohan/#)

There were tonnes of other games covered in 2-3 pages or more. Uta no Prince-sama occasionally got 2 pages, then you’d flip over and you’d see some other game like some random Hakuouki pic and a Hiiro no Kakera anime screenshot, then you’ll come back to Uta no Prince-sama.

After all that random art attack, there was a  section for Brothers Conflict which I was interested in. Honestly speaking….I thought the artwork on the website was rather mediocre when I first looked up the game but AHHHH I have grown to love it and all I can say is TSUBAKIIIIIIIIIII XDDDDD This might sound strange, but out of all the bishies I have seen, he has the best smile for an anime/manga-drawn character. Kudos to the artist 🙂


Then we get to Black Wolves Saga, which I’m not crazy about so I missed that. Then we get to a 2-page picture drawn by the same person who drew La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia. Aside from that, there wasn’t anything else about it but I am assuming it must be an upcoming otome game. See below:

Moving on and we get to Storm Lover, and um….a game I think is called…Tiny Machine Gun????? Right, okay, there’s wayyyyyy too many games in this magazine so unfortunately I can only write about the ones I took pictures of. Namely, Koisentai Love & Peace for the PSP which is very superhero-y, Power Ranger-y influenced. It looks pretty awesome 🙂

And Scared Rider Xechs only got 1 page. Even then, there was nothing new about the art or anything else. I was rather disappointed TT___TT Scared Rider Xechs is slowly being forgotten >___> With the barrage of all these other otome games with perhaps, interesting storylines, I’m really worried about SRX now. Come on Red Entertainment!!! UP YER GEAR!

Ozmafia was right beside it and the game only got 1 page too TT________TT

One of the main features I was looking forward to was La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia. There’s not much I can tell you about regrettably. I wished I was good at reading Japanese, but from what I can see, there are 2 new characters – Ash and Joshua. Ash looks like the older version of Liberta, and he also looks like he is on crack.

So! That’s nearly about it. The rest of the magazine had squashed in nearly news about almost every upcoming and new otome games that is out there. The magazine then cuts off into a rather confusing part which is about anime and other news. It also included a short manga from Tiny Machine Gun (I think its called that TT____TT I could be wrong) and also from Toki no Kizuna. What I was unhappy about was that…well, there was nothing on Diabolik Lovers 😦

There’s a lot of random pictures in the magazine

I am hoping to buy another issue soon, but it took 2 weeks to deliver aaaaaaaaaaall the way from Japan to the UK. And, it was a pretty heavy item…. But that’s because I had also bought the B’s Log July issue kekekeke! I’ll be blogging about that soon ~~


4 thoughts on “電撃Girl’s Style 2012 May Issue (Dengeki Girl’s Style)

  1. sylri says:

    Holy crap that Toki no Kizuna booklet looks beautiful! I was thinking of buying the June issue of Dengeki Girl’s Style…. but now I might have to buy the May issue. XD
    Genroh also looks gorgeous!! I had no idea these magazines were so big!
    Thanks for the preview/review!

    • Fish and Chips says:

      You’re welcome!! I’m always happy to flaunt my stuff xDD 😀 The Toki no Kizuna booklet was awesome. it was like hard cardboard-plastic paper thingy so that was nice 🙂 But it was really thin, about, 6 pages or something. I’ll put up more pictures/scans if you’re not sure. The magazines are just normal A4 sized but they’re really thick, like the thickness of a manga book, maybe 2? looool

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