~ Days of Memories ~ Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu~ (デイズ オブ メモリーズ: 彼と私の熱い夏〜)

Arghhhh, how I managed to completely miss this for 6 years I have NO idea.

My previous posts had me rambling on and on about a game called King of Fighters…well, today I just found they have actually created OTOME GAMES for the fighting game series too…back in 2006(!!!!!!!???). Whether or not they are officially recognised by the King of Fighters company SNK, I’m not so sure, but they were originally made for cellphone before becoming a Nintendo DS port. There’s about 6 games in total, I think, and I have to say I’m disappointed because the majority of the ‘Days of Memories’ games, or ‘DOM’ for short, are mostly geared for male players, with a wide range of female fighters/characters as the potential routes.

There is only one Days of Memories game which is for girls, which is the 4th title of the game, where you can either go with:

1. Kusanagi Kyo

2. Yagami Iori

3. K’

4. Sakazaki Ryo

5. Terry Bogard

6. Rock Howard

7. Alba Meira

8. Ash Crimson

This is what the game pretty much looks like (it follows basic visual novel style):

Strangely enough, I am really happy with the choice of potential routes, namely cos I like all the guys mentioned above hehehe. I’m especially surprised they decided to include Ash, Alba, and Rock. I’m really surprised about Rock, because he only appears in the Fatal Fury/Garou: Mark of the Wolves games and also the 3D spinoffs King of Fighters Maximum Impact and I didn’t think he’d be included in this.

Anyway, this otome game does not stick to the official storyline of King of Fighters with all the beating up and kicking and punching (nooooo cos it’s all about luuuuurv now), it still contains some elements present in the game, such as the relationship between some of the characters such as — Iori and Kyo are still rivals/enemies, and Terry is Rock’s surrogate father etc.

From SNK wikia, this is a summary of what the game entails:

“The game also includes a “clothing system”, as certain choices can better or worsen their compatibility. The protagonist is a 16 year old high school student, hoping to do something exciting during her summer.

  • Kyo Kusanagi – childhood friend of the protagonist; regarded as the “older brother”
  • Iori Yagami – jazz bassist to the local live house, OROCHi
  • K’ – childhood acquaintance who has trouble with his memory
  • Ash Crimson – wealthy classmate who likes to frequently pull pranks and tell lies
  • Terry Bogard – basketball teacher and father figure to Rock; in his Mark of Wolves attire
  • Rock Howard – member of the basketball team; has a fanclub though he doesn’t approve of it
  • Alba Meira – American employee from the father’s workplace staying abroad at the protagonist’s home
  • Ryo Sakazaki – protagonist’s martial arts instructor”
Here are the only screenshots I could find.
Let’s start with Kyo (CG pictures below). Meh, nothing about Kyo particularly stands out for me. He’s your very average high school boy hero who barely ages throughout the entire game series from 1994 all the way to 2012. I guess he’ll stay about 17 years old forever.
Now we come to Iori (I’m guessing he’s the hot head tsundere of this game judging by how angry and angst he looks in every CG). Iori is Kyo’s rival and he hates him so much he even dreams of killing him in his sleep. He has also sworn to the heavens that no-one can kill Kyo but him. Aside from this grudge, Iori loves cats and music. He’s also one of the most powerful fighters in the series:
K’ route (I like how some of the guys in this game are in their game outfit/costume as well as something different). Maxima (the big guy with brown hair in this first pic) is K’ buddy and partner and the two are often in the same team as each other when it comes to the KOF tournaments. While Maxima is the nice guy, K’ is pretty much this mean, brooding emo guy who loves his beef jerky and pure violence. As you can tell by the CGs below, K’ is obviously differently portrayed in this game. And Kula Diamond has become his sister all of a sudden. Very weird:
Now we have Ash‘s route (looks  interesting because for once, Ash does not look so camp as he usually does xD). Ash was introduced as the new antagonist for the game series and another flame-wielder/rival against Kyo, Iori and K’. I guess he’s turning a new leaf now:
Here are the CGs from Rock‘s route. Rock is the son of a bad guy called Geese Howard who was defeated by Terry. However, Terry took Rock in (yes after murdering his father or whatnot) and began to raise him as his own (My thoughts: awww, Rock is so cute in this game):
This is Alba‘s route. Alba appeared only in the 3D spinoff Maximum Impact 1 and 2 and then in the 4 episode anime ‘Another Day’. He is the older brother of Soiree (guy in fourth pic) and wears sunglasses all the time. Despite his coolness, Alba has a limited move set and when did Alba get so hawt????:
Terry‘s route (Terry’s meant to be 35 years old in this game. I suppose he’s the oyaji). I actually don’t know much about Terry cos I never played as him in the games much. Yeah, so after he pretty much threw Rock’s dad off a skyscraper, he then went to adopt Rock. Terry has cool moves though, and I like how he always goes ‘ARE YOU OKAY?????’ 😀
…But what’s with the monkey?
I missed Ryo out because I only found 2 pictures and even then his pictures were pretty damn embarrassing to look at >___>
UPDATE JUNE 2012. Ok so I decided to put up Ryo’s pics. But I’m not posting the one that is just too embarrassing >____>
So there we go; aside from those pictures, that’s pretty much the entire game in a nutshell. I’m not sure if I will get this game, partially cos there are apparently no voice actors and I have found all these CGs so nothing will be new — and I find the art rather mediocre and it does not entirely do the guys justice. Iori and K’ are my favourite characters from the entire KOF game franchise but in this game, they just don’t appeal to me that much. On the other hand, I’m surprised and taken aback with Alba and Ash (omg…Alba’s route looks so….so….romantic???). The protagonist could also do with a better design, but meh.
Overall, an otome game for KOF???? COUNT ME IN 😀

8 thoughts on “~ Days of Memories ~ Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu~ (デイズ オブ メモリーズ: 彼と私の熱い夏〜)

  1. kit2000andanna says:

    KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! King of Fighters otome game! We can’t believe it! Terry! Rock! Kyo! Are you real, guys? *_* Thank you so much for telling such wonderful news and sharing the CGs *_* Ah, we are so mega-happy! We love KOF and Fatal Fury, especially Terry and Rock, so when we were searching for some good pics at google, we found a picture that looked like a screenshot from an otome-game. And when we followed the link we appeared here at your blog! It’s so nice to meet another otoge-lover who is interested in KOF *_* Nice to meet you!

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Nice to meet you too! Oh yeah its totally otome! If I got the game, I’d go for Rock and K’!!!!!Too bad its in Japanese TT___TT”” GAAAH I wanna learn Japanese naooooo!!! And thankies for following 🙂

      • kit2000andanna says:

        You are welcome! By the way, did we understand right that this game has no voice?
        Every otome-game lover wants to know Japanese ^_^ Even we do =) So it’s pretty normal to have that dream. Ah, so many doors to handsome guys’ hearts could be opened if we could understand even 50% of what they say in otome-games ^^”’
        If we could play this game we would take everyone ^^”’ They are so cool! Too bad there aro no Joe and Andy =)

      • Fish and Chips says:

        loooool yeah there is no voice actors (I think). Even if there are I don’t think the original game voice actors would lend their voices for the game ^^”” at least you understand 50% I don’t even understand 0.3%! I just look at the pretty pictures XDDD Btw now that you mention Joe and Andy, I’m quite surprised Shingo isn’t there!

      • kit2000andanna says:

        haha, no-no dear, we are the same as you here. We understand maximumu 5-10% through all the game. If only we could get 50% of what they say, but it’s pretty hard ^^”’ But anime hekps a lot when you watch raw series and read English subtitles. It helps to memorize the words by hearing =)
        Anyway, we really want to play the game but it’s for DS? We have only PSP =_=

      • Fish and Chips says:

        Hmm ok I’ll try and get the game if it ever goes for sale and then I’ll review it hehe. I think it is only for DS and they squished other Days of Memories games together into one cartridge. Even then the other 3 games are geared towards males so its like Athena and Mai and big bum and booby shots >__> They NEVER consider that video games have female fans too!!!!!! I hope they’ll do a Tekken otome game xDDDD

      • kit2000andanna says:

        Ah, if they ever do Tekken otome-game, it would be a dream come true to us =) We love Tekken very much! But there are not so many handsome guys like in KoF ^^”’ But everything will be great if they give Jin, Hworang, King, Leo (no ,we can’t eccept that he is a girl =_= ) to build love relations with *_* though it would be an aweful OOC, but who cares when love is in the air? ^____^

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