Skyrim Jokes

Meh, here comes another short post. It took me some time but I finally finished the final quest in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and so I have completed the game. I’ve been playing it for some time now since I got it roughly last month; I’ve never really been keen on the game series but decided to give Skyrim a shot and I’m glad I did. It’s one of the best games I have ever played, although I didn’t have much fun at the beginning because everything in the game kept killing me and I was a complete noob on the controls.

But now I have smithed myself a complete set of Daedra armour and will now begin to attempt to kill everything in the game because I am a lot stronger now. Fun times indeed.

And here are some of the best Skyrim jokes I’ve found…well, okay, Skyrim came out last year and I just found these now. Um, yeah. You’re probably thinking ‘Get with the times, woman!’:

This is hard to read because of the order. Basically, killing a chicken in the game will get an entire town of NPCs wanting a taste of your freshblood

Stealing and re-selling lol

Kinda gross…but funny xDD

Because sometimes when you kill a bear or a wolf, they’re holding a ring


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