La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

My latest obsession: an otome game called La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

Katekyo Hitman Reborn got me into the manga/anime/mafia stuff so you cannot imagine how overjoyed I am with seeing this otome game, which combines mafia, with romance. Whooooohoooo!

It’s coming out in October and the main character you play is called Felicita (I think; it says Heroine on the main website but the OP said it was Felicita). She looks pretty awesome, and she has an owl, too ^^

Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a clue about what it is about at the moment except that Felicita is the boss and all these guys are her underlings and then I’m guessing somehow you’re meant to end up with one of them. I am liking Jolly very much at the moment. Yes, that is his name. Don’t laugh.

Here are some pictures I found!


For the time being, you can watch this video of the game’s OP I found on youtube:


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