Oh My Alucard is finished….

Wow, so I posted up the final chapter of Oh My Alucard today. I started the story last year after my final exams, and now I’ve finished it. It feels like such a long time ago when I wrote it, and now it’s got 34 chapters! Hmm, I’ve not much to say, other than I’m glad I got another story out of the way.

Personally I really don’t feel like writing ever again, so I don’t see much of a future for a sequel. Here are the related artwork to Oh My Alucard, with my OCs, Caelum and Luther who are also up on my deviantart. Funnily enough, I have never drawn a picture of Ruby/Leanne.

Ok, so here is Caelum, the bad dood of the fic.

And here is Luther’s pic:

Finally, we have Grey (concept sketch), the werewolf who came out in Chapter 33-34 (but as a dog).

I draw the most evillest looking dog

Overall, it’s been a fun experience writing for the Hellsing board. I’ve had ups and down but it’s been fun. I thought it’d be a pretty dead board with no-one reading stories anymore but I’ve had really great feedback. Also, the recently released OVAs are keeping the manga afloat and is doing it far more justice than the anime and it’s also keeping the love for Alucard in existence :)))


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