Deathnote Deathnote Review

Here comes another review 🙂 I enjoyed writing the Hellsing Ultimate Journal Review so thought I’d do another. Although, Deathnote came out donkey years ago and why I didn’t get a Deathnote replica until now, I’m not really sure. Anyway, I got this deathnote from the manga/anime/movie Deathnote, which comes in a black box that features Light and Ryuki on the front, as well as this marvellous quill pen.

Apparently, it was meant to come with a CD but I never got one. Damn ebay. You can get other versions of Deathnotes, which will just be the book itself with no quill pen or box. It doesn’t really matter. The quill pen is nice except it’s so obvious it’s fake xD

Essentially, this deathnote is a notebook for fans/cosplayers of Deathnote, complete with instructions on how to use the ‘deathnote’ in engrish and Chinese, which takes up a quarter of the notebook itself. One instruction is:

When the same name is written on two death note the ote which was first filled in will take effect, regard less of the time of death.

I guess they missed out the ‘N’ on that ‘ote’ eh?

Following these instructions is where the note begins with Light’s ‘handwriting’ printed on a few pages and his victims and how they died, and then Light’s name appearing as written by Ryuki in the manga/anime/movie. This is the last name entered and then the rest is blank.

I don’t know about you, but since the last name was Light’s, it kinda gives the whole deathnote a spooky kind of feel even though it’s just an item for cosplay. I suppose this is every fan’s dream. It’s a really nice book, an exact replica of the Deathnote Deathnote, with Light’s handwriting on it and all. The book itself has a nice black cover which makes it feel like a journal of any sorts, and the paper….well, it’s a bit too thin for my liking, but because it’s thin, it can be mistaken for being very fine paper.

I give this deathnote 5/5, because it’s simply fabulous and I do like the feel of the cover and the paper very much. The instructions and Light’s victim and his own name was an added bonus. The quill was great, too, but I’m wondering how I can refill it when it runs out. Overall…. It’s very mysterious and spooky :DDD


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