Omu-Rice attempt = Epic Fail

Finally, a post about actual food! I don’t know about you, but I’m so sick and tired of blogs where the authors display their wonderful homemade cookies or cupcakes or sushi or whatever and take all these bright and glossy photos of their efforts. My life isn’t like that >__>

I’m just going to get straight to the point – I’m a bad cook. So is my sister. So is my mum.

Basically, what happened was my family and I watched a scene from a new Korean drama called Rooftop Prince (it’s about where a Prince from the past gets sucked into the future) and in it, the girl protagonist cooks a dish known as Omu-Rice, for the ‘prince’ and his three minions – er, servants.

Omu-rice, or omu-raisu, is an omelette with fried rice tucked inside topped with ketchup; it’s a popular Japanese dish but mixed with western inspirations. Here is a picture guide of how to make one:

And THIS is what it’s meant to at least look like:

And er….this is ours (my mum added tomato TT_TT):




4 thoughts on “Omu-Rice attempt = Epic Fail

  1. Tofubyu says:

    Everything that I’ve attempted to cook always fails drastically and looks nothing like what it was supposed to. But as long as it tastes good it should be fine right? ^^”

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