Scared Rider Xechs Official Fanbook Review

Holy shiet! It finally came! My ordered SRX fanbook has arrived! Oh I’m so happy ~~ Here comes my reviewwwww!!!

Word of warning: This post is rather pic heavy. My pictures also came out rather dull and dark even though I was using my sister’s Sony HD camera for this artbook review. I also could not scan the pages in because then it would mean I would risk bending the book into oblivion, which I did not want!

So here is the book front and back 🙂

Mmm new book smell *3*

Art style:

Simply put, I adore pako’s style (the illustrator). I’m assuming pako is a guy so I’ll be referring as ‘he’ or ‘him’ throughout the post. He’s also drawn for other games, I think, including another otome game called ‘Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrows’ although I’m not too keen on his character designs there because they look a little gaudy. What can I say? I like pako’s clean lines, colouring (it’s very soft and pleasing to the eye), and generally the way how he draws guys because they’re nicely proportioned, tall and lean. Lol. That said, I think the design of Akira (main girl protagonist of SRX) could have been drawn with a little more effort.

I’ve noticed a few awkward-looking head angles now and then….and what is up with the CG scenes? He’s obsessed with drawing the back of people’s heads. Unfortunately, that is my only gripe, because a picture of the back of someone’s head during a romantic CG doesn’t accomplish much TT_TT


The artbook has a decent layout, starting first with a gallery,  then a section about the Blue world and the Red world, ‘liner notes’ – ie, the character profile section with 6 pages for each Rider (with characer bio, a small concept art, in-game CGs, information, facial expressions etc), voice actor interviews, a section called ‘Encore’ dedicated to each character (GRRR I wish I could read Japanese I’m so lamerz), product details and a quick walkthrough. I found the book so colourful @_@ There was almost something slotted in each nook and cranny and really, I was only surprised by a few CGs which I hadn’t seen before, since well, if you’ve seen my other SRX post, I looked EVERYWHERE on the internet on whatever SRX picture I could find and compiled an art gallery on Photobucket for myself.

So that being said, if you have seen my gallery, then almost every picture there, is featured in this book. My highlight of this part, is, because I’m Yosuke-biased, so my highlight of the book is obviously the tiny picture of NAKED YOSUKE!!! well, half naked Yosuke, sumthing along the lines like that xDD

Character profile section:

Whoohoohoohoo! This was the best section!!!! Akira’s profile was surprisingly very short, it was only HALF a page, with tiny pictures of her facial expressions, different clothes (for winter and summer) and…. I guess there wasn’t much considering she was character you played and everything that happened would depend on the choices you make. Regarding Akira’s character design, I really do think pako could’ve made much more of an effort. But oh well.

Yosuke was after Akira. You get a brief bio of Yosuke, his facial expressions, his different ‘poses’ in the game, his outfits (NAKED YOSUKEEEEE), a special illustration, then a strip of shots from the animated sequence when they plug into their Substance. The pictures are actually really really small which I’m not happy about >o<

Basically, the layout is this:

Naked Yosuke!!!!!!

Then we come to the CGs for each character’s route

Next, was Takt’s section.

Then, Yuuji. NOTE: Pako’s special illustration of Yuuji made my eyes bulge. It’s actually quite hard to see >o<

Hiiro was next! OMG! Hiiro is so cute *3*

I have Kazuki, too.

Finally, Hijiri! Again, Note the special illustration if you squint your eyes and look really really hard. Hijiri looks HAWT.

Soichiro, Ishidera and Granbach also got their own sections, if not, just one page. But that’s enough for me, I guess. I’m still recovering from all those pictures of the guy’s summerwear @___@

After the character profiles and illustrations, we get 2-pages of the animated sequences, including detailed sketches of the aircarrier. What I’m disappointed is that…well, now that I think about it, there was no background art!

Extras: Voice actor interviews/Encore/Product details/Fan’s Ranking:

Well…there’s nothing much I can say here since I don’t read Japanese. I wish I did. But this section gives us pictures of all the voice actors and their respective character they played in SRX, with bigger sections for Miyano Mamoru and Tatsuhisa Suzuki. The product details is pretty self explanatory. Basically, it was a part about the drama CDs, songs and soundtrack.

Then, the Fan’s Ranking. Basically, there were a few questions and this is the results gathered from fans. Here is what I think they asked since I recognised a few Japanese kanji:

Out of the SRX guys, who would you like to have a summer romance with?

And here were the results –

1. Hijiri (aww :33)
2. Yuuji
3. Kazuki

Another question was – Who do you think is the most prettiest? And the answers were:

1. Takt (lol no kidding)
2. Kazuki
3. Hiro

And then – Who do you want to marry the most?

1. Yosuke (DUDE WHO WOULDN’T???)
2. Yuuji
3. Kazuki

The other 5 questions I really had no clue, so sorry TT_TT I think I’m going to look through them again though and try to translate, so keep your eyes peeled, look out for an update of this post!

Along with the Fan Ranking page, was the Super special Cafe 801 promotion Scared Rider Xechs did. Basically, from September 2010 to some time in October, a cafe was specially promoting SRX, with SRX decor, SRX meals (WTFFF I wish I went!!), SRX merchandise etc.


I ❤ this book!!!! I love the pictures 😀 The book itself was super glossy and special, because the game is so hard to get access to in the UK, this book was a real treat 🙂 But as I said before, I’d found most of the pictures online so there didn’t seem anything new except from a few CGs I hadn’t found. But this is my first fanbook based on a video game (my first artbook being a Yu-Gi-Oh one PFTTT) so I thought this was really nice and I’m really pleased with my purchase. I’m satisfied and it includes everything a fan could get, even including a CD of the character song Loves Hooooooooot! (sorry, forgot how many O’s is actually in that hoot) so that was nice, too. The book was only 109 pages and there wasn’t background art nor was there many concept sketches, which is a bit of a let down, but that’s okay with me. I’m generally happy with anything I buy ^^ 

I’m going to try and look for La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia one next!


6 thoughts on “Scared Rider Xechs Official Fanbook Review

  1. yuukichaan says:

    God you’re so FAST!
    I’m still editing and taking pics again TToTT

    You’re not the only one biased with Yousuke I’m too since I found the game~ ♥♥♥ *laughs*

    There were some background images, on the Akira bio, but well…
    What made me a bit sad was that they thought so much about the aricarrier and yet they show NOTHING!!! and that strange (yet awesome) bike too…. everything super detailed and the images are so tiny >_>

    did you see the Takt illust on the corner of the page from the encore section? (where the numbers are) it’s hilarious~ (check the community on lj, i uploaded a .gif from that, yes i just loved it)

    on the ranking, the last one, where Takt is angry, it says
    “who do you want as a pet
    1. Ochazuke
    2. Ricken
    3. Takt”

    I laughed so much with this one XD (and it’s the only one i can understand ^^Uu)

    As always I write so much here, sorry ^^Uu

    PS: was the guide of any use? =3

    • Fish and Chips says:

      lol that’s because I went completely crazy when the book came through the post. I mean, I already had my camera out and ready xDD looool

      I wished there were pictures of the rooms and stuff, like the classroom. I dunno, I’ve been through the book a few times by now, but I missed the Takt illustration you mentioned near the page numbers! I didn’t notice it at all xD

      TT____TT I was sad too when I saw those sketches, there was so much detail and thought put into the design and illustration and the overall process of the aricarrier and the bike (it’s soo cool *3*) but the pictures were so small!!

      omg! I was trying to translate those questions and I didn’t even know it actually meant ‘pet’. I translated it as pe-to but I was like ????? I didn’t realise they were talking about pets xDD I also translated the one with Yuuji’s picture. Um… I think this is what it was saying, but basically it kinda said

      ‘Who do you think has the most experience’

      ….ok if you get what I mean by ‘experience’, fans chose Yuuji cos of his age, and then Hijiri and Yosuke came next. O___O wow I didn’t think they would ask that, eh? What I also dunno is why they put age numbers on the comments. Like the one about who do you wanna marry, was Yosuke, and the answer was because he’ll be great at home cooking/ec and stuff (LOL) and then there’s someone’s age in brackets, which I don’t understand, unless it is the age of the fan themselves, like an average???

      lol don’t worry about writing ginormous comments. I do that all the time! :3

      The guide was fantastic! it’s been a great help! But somehow I still manage to freak out during the phases when it starts to run out of time @_@ Thank youuuuuu :))))

    • Fish and Chips says:

      ooh I forgot to say, I also translated the question with Soichiro’s picture. I think they were asking ‘Who do you think is the most knowledgeable?’ I guess they were saying ‘Who do you think is the smartest’, and the results were:

      1. Soichiro
      2. Takt
      3. Hiro

      • yuukichaan says:

        *laughs* yeah when i got it I was jumping and running through the room xD

        Takt’s illust is great, it’s so lazily done and what happens it hilarious XD

        those images are so awesome TToTT when i take a proper picture of it, it’ll probably be in great detail *has high hopes*

        That question is epic and so random! Poor Takt…though I can totally see him as a pet somehowXD
        OMG REALLY?! O.O *yes I understand xD*
        I can totally see it, Yuji because of his age, Hijiri ‘cuz he’s a playboy *and god, he can do as he pleases* and Yousuke…eh…I’m not quite sure XD

        I know nothing about those ages, I’ll see if I can understand anything (my guess it’s an average, but I not sure)

        I’ll see if I can translate something from that questionnaire, my mom knows a bit of japanese, so I’ll see if she can translate for me (she can’t read though, that’s the bad part D=)

        The question with Soichiro makes sense XD
        I see Soichiro like a smartass (but in a good way, dunno how to say it..) Takt is Takt so no surprise there, and Hiro just spends his whole day on the library (something I’d love to do myself)

        Glad the guide helps ^^
        Oh yeah, you’ll get use to that stupid time bar after a while *glares at the bar*

  2. sylri says:

    The book looks so lovely!! What are you talking about that the pictures look dull and dark? I’m jealous of how nicely your pictures turned out! I wish I had a nice camera that could take pictures like that. T_T

    It looks like there isn’t much text overlaying the gallery images, which is nice. The layout of the pages seems to fit the modern theme of the game, if that makes any sense…

    Thank you for translating some of the text! I’m kinda wanting to buy this book now.

    • Fish and Chips says:

      lol thank you!!! I used an HD camera but I thought the pictures actually came out rather dark – compared to my Lumix camera, the pictures are more focused ^^ i’m so glad you said they were okay! Haha there’s no need to buy this book since you’ve seen my post. I’ve posted up the best parts xDDD

      Yeah I thought this book was a real treat for myself 🙂 But it was quite expensive, so…. maybe this will be the only artbook I will ever buy! I saw the book for La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia… it’s quite pricey alright! O__O

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