Hey, if you have seen my posts last year near April to May, you may have seen the post(s) where I went crazy for an otome game called Scared Rider Xechs. Originally for PS2, it then went to have another version with the additional title ‘Stardust Lovers’. Well, I just found out that there’s going to be a PSP version coming out in April 26th!!! *3*

Yep, I guess the boys are back

Ooo it’s rekindled ma luv for Yosuke. Lol just kidding.


21 thoughts on “スカーレッドライダーゼクスⅠ&FD???

  1. yuukichaan says:

    how are you~? it’s been a while
    the psp ver of srx *w* will you buy it? 8D

    oh yes, the boys are back, as well as their substances and soichiro!! though i wanted the others from the staff too *is shot*
    hope you’re doing good, see you around ;D

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Hiiii nice to hear from you too! :DDD

      I dunno if I CAN buy it cos I live in UK and I don’t know where to buy it. Even then it’ll be over 50 bucks at least(!!!!!). So expensive cos it’s rare @________@

      • yuukichaan says:

        i was away and rarely saw a pc for a while X_X

        I guess from amazon or something…. i’ll search for it if you want to, as i can’t TToTT (I dont have a psp TToTT)
        I bet its a bit expensive =/ it’s new too after all…. *so wants*

      • Fish and Chips says:

        Ok that’ll be gr8 cos i really don’t know where to get it from. I never played SRX before but I have a PSP so I can try and get this one.

        do you kno if its a new story or just the game but in PSP version?

  2. yuukichaan says:

    I’ll see what can I do ;D

    I’m not sure, I THINK the psp ver. has both games, srx and srx stardust lovers but as i can’t read japanese, i have no idea and only guess -.-||
    writing you soon if i get any info ;D

    • Fish and Chips says:

      wow i just currency converted it and it is 52 GBP. 52 bucks….yeesh! Plus that’s not including delivery O_O

      Thanks! I’ll see what I can do >_> hopefully it might go down? lol its funny we both don’t read japanese but we like this game :))

      i don’t even know what SRX is really about until I read the online review from 4shiki. what is the diff between the normal SRX and stardust lovers?

      • yuukichaan says:

        whoa o.oUu
        I hope you can get it ^^Uu

        oh yeah *laughs* I actually get 0.00005% or less of what they say 8D but the graphics and the voices… ♥
        4shiki’s review is great, it made me laugh a lot xDDDDDD
        thinks of it like a….kamen rider (power rangers) crossed with a host club and a music band….?

        I didn’t play the SRX SL because i downloaded it (cuz i’m broke TToTT) and it didn’t work well, i made it to less than the half of the game =_=

        I’m not sure, it’s like it happens after the SRX, the girl (you) has kind of amnesia but the guys remember her (??)
        yet some of the events repeat themselves, i don’t understand @_@

      • Fish and Chips says:

        lol um I’m not sure I actually can get it. I think I might ahve to download it too if it comes out O_O It’s easir to download for PSP cos I have a pandora battery for it, but the PS2 is slightly ahrder.

        I downloaded SRX too for PS2 but I didn’t want to change my PS2 fliptop lid hahaha xDDDD too scared to risk it…

        loool i have a book for japanese for busy people so i spent an evening once trying to translate some ingame screenshots i got from internet and thoguht Yosuke was talking about a squid at some point o_O Yeeeeah you can see where that is going TT_TT

        Neat! Kame Rider + Host Club + Music band. Awesomeeeee! I wonder if comapred to other games, this game is as romantic lawl

        but um i think i might try n upload the soundtrack CD for ppl to hear and I also just bought the artbook ^^”” I’m so broke but I MUST HAVE ITTTTTT

      • yuukichaan says:

        yeah it’s complicate to explain too xDDD

        wah so jealous I want a PSP now!
        I played the SRX on my pc, downloaded a emulator for ps2 and the .iso of the game, I was afraid to touch mi ps2 too ^^Uu

        jajaja XDDDD I can see that totally happening! Yousuke cooks, you see, and most part of the game you spend with him is on the kitchen so…yeah… squids and shiitakes (mushroom) are probably on the dialog….(shiitakes are for certain, even Takt talks about them xD)

        yeah I love the combination xD and I so want an anime for this…..
        oh the game has it’s moments of “I can’t live without you” and “you’re the one for me” things, and the ending bases totally on the love rates you get so… yeah it’s pretty romantic (it has it’s “WTF?” moments too and it’s hilarious XD)

        you uploaded the soundtrack, or are you talking about the SRX SL soundtrack?
        I have to fanbook (just got it) but I don’t have a scanner TToTT I may take pictures of it and upload them with my camera ^^Uu
        I’m so broke too but I just couldn’t help it, I just NEEDED it D=

      • Fish and Chips says:

        whoooaaa where did you download the emulator? is it buggy yah? TT_TT

        yeah i am talking about the soundtrack. i also have the character songs but i dun have the drama cd parts. I actually don’t like Yosuke’s character song TT_TT I like Yuji and Hiro’s one the best xDDDDD

        ommggg you have fanbook too? is it worth the money? I did buy it but I was actually a little reluctant cos its so expensive XOO

      • yuukichaan says:

        sure thing~ I’ll copy/paste an explanation I did on my lj XD

        here is the emulator: http://pcsx2.softonic.com/
        (click in “descargar” a green button, the page will change, but click in “descargar” again and download the archive) then you’ll have to open the program (i usually scan it…) and it’ll start downloading… you’ll see XD

        the bios: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|298l32|257946368|PS2Bios.rar|8388|R~350F505F60EE10FCF7B07236E4CD08DE|0|0
        then agan, green button in the middle…i’m not sure if this works because a friend gave me the bios =/

        once you have the emulator installed, unzip the bios and put them on the “BIOS” folder
        if the bios doesn’t work, I’ll zip them and upload them for you =)

        and oh god, I can’t find a place to download the game!!! you may wanna try and search for it…? I’ll keep looking but I can’t find it, not even a torrent!
        I may have the .rar parts somewhere, if you can’t find it, I’ll upload the parts myself =3

        the soundtrack you uploaded it already (and I’m, grateful, I can’t stop listening to it XD) and the caracter songs are around the web to download, some of them even have scans (I found some and someone on lj helped me) and posted it on the comm (I remember you said you can’t enter anymore TToTT)
        I liked Yousuke’s song XDDD but Hiro’s one is great, the beat~♥ actually I only don’t like 1, Kazuki’s……it’s….so strange XD

        oh yes~~~~ it’s so beautiful *w* *completely biased*
        it has some of the images in a large size, profile of the guys (and the other charas), info about the tracks, the event graphic (images of the “romantic moments” that appear in the game), special illustrations from pako (Takt’s ones are hilarious xD), how they made the animation (when they transform in kamenrider, I mean scared riders…), interview with the staff (as well as the seiyuus *w*), “novels” with each boy (like a short love story), the answers to get the guy you want~! and the Ai no ZERO kyori shageki loveshoot! cd *w*

        god I’ll stop tipping and spamming you, I got a bit carried away, sorry!

      • Fish and Chips says:

        hey thanks… I downloaded the emulator but I dunno how it works. How do you get the keyboard to become the PS2 controller? Man i have so many problems… @_@???

      • yuukichaan says:

        oh right!
        to start playing go to “system” —> “boot cdvd (fast)” it’ll start the game intermediately, otherwise you’ll have that “op” with the sony cubes floating around (just like when you play on the ps2)

    • yuukichaan says:

      you could? =3

      well, go to the “CDVD” and select “Iso”, now it’ll read any game you wanna play (you can put a cd game from your ps2 and try it out).
      about the keyboard, go to “Config” —> “Controllers (PAD)” and click on the “Plugin Settings”
      on top you’ll see “general” (were you have to untick “Xinput”) “pad 1” and “pad2”
      click on “pad 1” and click a button, like square, and press the button on your keyboard that you want to be square (do you get it…?)
      if you have a way to connect your joystick (I have an usb adapter) you can connect it and use it, you have to enter the controllers config anyways though….

      hope it works~

      • Fish and Chips says:

        Ok thanks 🙂 I did what you said, like untick xbox and pad 1 and pad 2, but when i go to it it won’t let me type in any key on the keyboard if i want it for square or cross etc.

        i already got the game actually ^^ I downloaded it a long time ago so phewwww i hope it works!!!!!!!!!!

      • yuukichaan says:

        on the pad settings, on “general” (before pad 1 and pad 2), at the right you have a “mouse API”? there I have marked the “disable” option and marked on “start without mouse focus”

        maybe it’s that…?

      • yuukichaan says:

        jjajajaja xDDDD
        yeah that happens, specially if the pc it’s slow, the emulator is even slower, it’s funny and scary when they talk like that XDDD
        i listen to them anyway, sometimes (on my pc) it goes normal speed and talk normal, then it goes slow again….

        no prob ^^ hope you enjoy it, even if they’re slow ^^Uu have fun ♥

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