Fish and Chips Abroad 2 – Paris, Music Bank and Soshified Fan Experience

Hello people! If anyone actually reads this blog of mine, you might be pleased to see that I have an update (it’s been at least a month since my last post). This time I will be sharing with you all my marvellous and brilliant adventures in Paris and the Music Bank K-Pop Concert in Bercy stadium. Actually, the trip wasn’t that marvellous and brilliant; again, there were a few complications and difficulties, namely because me and my sister (I went with my sister), we are IDIOTS ABROAD

No, seriously.

We are.

Warning! The following post has tonnes of pictures! It may take a while to load, but its worth it 🙂

So here is a basic breakdown of our trip:

We left Monday on EasyJet to arrive in Charles de Gaulle airport. We would only be going for 4 days, leaving on Thursday afternoon. Our main reason to go to Paris was to see Music Bank at Bercy stadium, where SNSD, 2pm, SHINee, Beast, 4minute, U-Kiss, T-ara and Sistar would be performing. There were meant to be 2 Music Bank concerts, on Wednesday and Thursday, but they cancelled Thursday – we got tickets as soon as the venue was announced online only to discover they actually cancelled the concert date we wanted to go to so there was only Wednesday…

At Paris, we stayed in the Holiday Inn at Saint Michel, near Notre Dame. We arrived at 6 so it was already quite late and the sky was darkening. We quickly walked around the hotel area to familiarise ourselves and found Notre Dame. Cue night-time picture taking!

A street in Saint Michel

And here is Notre Dame:


The next morning, we contacted a friend we met from the SM Town concert last year who would also be attending Music Bank this time, and she’s from France (way-hey!) so we visited Notre Dame again during the day:

Then our friend kindly offered to give us a tour and we ended up going to Champs Elysees

Okay, and here is a picture of a store in Champ Elysees:

This is Pierre Hermes in Champs-Elysees (the Publicis Drugstore), where you can get macaroons

At Champs-Elysees, we went to tonnes of places such as the Publicis Drugstore, the Louis Vuitton shop, Lancel and Sephora. Laduree is another place where you can get macaroons.

Laduree. Inside, the staff kinda wear uniforms like...maid costumes?

(Above) A picture of Laduree outside.

We went to Starbucks to enjoy the macaroons. The macaroon box is Pink! So cuteeee *3*

(Below is a picture of the macaroons)

Right, so after Champs Elysees, we headed to Galarie Lafayette

The interior of Galarie Lafayette. It's very classy but can get stuffy because there's too many people and its kinda cramped

We actually did not do much in Lafayette so we headed to the Eiffel Tower at Trocadero. This was roughly 6pm.

Eiffel tower at 6pm....

An hour later and…


Yeah, it went really really dark in an hour. And cold. It was really cold. Word of advice – if you are visiting France nearer the winter months, you have to wrap up warm! It’s freezing!!!

Now, the next day, we had to move to Gare de Lyon for a hotel that was near Bercy. All the hotels in Bercy area were actually fully booked, so Lyon Gare was our next option. And the concert finished at 11pm, so we paid extra precaution about walking around at night-time! anyway, we checked out of Saint Michel before 12, arrived at Lyon Gare Mercure hotel at 12-ish, then took the nearest Metro to Bercy station, which was Line 14 Olympiades (it’s Saint Lazare upon return). Simple enough. Bercy stadium is right outside the Metro so we were fine about finding the concert venue. Except we actually ordered t-shirts from Soshified, the fan website and forum created for SNSD fans. We ordered Music Bank t-shirts and they said they would be lurking around the stadium area from 10-12pm and 3-5pm, since we couldn’t go to them at 10-12 because we would be travelling to Gare de Lyon and checking out of St Michel etc etc, we left to get our t-shirts at 3-5pm, only we couldn’t find ANYONE from Soshified forum who would be lurking around Bercy. So we went to the concert t-shirtless but oh well.

Right, so moving onto the actual concert. Check out the photos below and commentaries.

Bercy stadium inside. We sat in O section, still pretty far from the stage!

To keep fans entertained and hyped up, they put on Music videos from U-Kiss, T-ara, 4minute and other stars. My pictures actually came out really bad; they were blurry, only 1 out of 10 photos were good. Another gripe was fans began stomping and it made the whole row and the chairs and the floor shake thus making my fancams and photos all over the place, too.

U-Kiss performed first.

Sistar came on next, performing various songs along with Ma Boy.

Anywayz, here are 4minute:



And here are T-ara, who performed Lovey Dovey.




Here are Beast:

Here are 2pm. 2pm were very entertaining; they performed Put Your Hands Up and various song ^^ They also struck awesome poses for fans…. but my pictures are so goddamned blurry!!!!!!!!! TT_______TT



I took pictures of the other artists but when I looked at them on my computer, they were all bad. I wished I had a better camera *cries* Sooo…After the concert, my arm was officially dead. I couldn’t move it for a few hours, but it wasn’t as bad as SM Town where I practically lost my voice and my arm for 4 days at least.

Since we’d did all our sightseeing and shopping and the concert was over, we headed to the airport on Thursday and returned home.


 Okay, so this is the section when I complain about where things went wrong, ie, if you are reading this, maybe you can learn a thing or two from my experience if you decide you want to go to Paris.

First up, I noticed there are some areas of Paris that really aren’t tourist-friendly although they are areas where there are lots of tourists. There are a lot of steps in the Saint Michel metro station and any metro in general and my sis and I had quite a struggle with our luggage. I guess this is normal for most people so I won’t delve into it too much.

 The Mercure Gare de Lyon hotel. They probably had it refurbished, but our room smelled like paint. REALLY BAD PAINT….like…fumes. I had to open the window for five minutes or so before closing it again because then it got too cold. On the day we had to check out was the same day we were going to do some quick souvenir shopping, so we went to Champs Elyees and hurried back at 5 minutes past 12. We were to check out and when we left, we passed this argument between a housekeeper and a supervisor; the housekeeper then asked me something in French as I passed her. She mentioned our room number so I thought she was asking if we came from Room 350 (our room number); I actually thought we may have upheld their housekeeping duties or something along the lines like that because we were five minutes late but when I said sorry I didn’t speak French, she held up her arms and rolled her eyes at me. This is going up on Tripadvisor!

Some weird tourists. A guy asked me for a picture at Eiffel tower; at first, I thought he wanted me to take a picture of him so I said okay, but he actually wanted a picture of himself WITH me. Um….why? I’m not famous and I didn’t know him, so I said ‘Okay five euros please’ and he laughed and asked me where I came from and how old I was and what my name was, and I didn’t tell him because it was none of his business (and he looked like a sleaze, no offense) then he asked me again for a picture and I said No. Honestly I’m not sure if I am paranoid or thinking too much, but all I can say is, if someone goes up to you for no reason and try to chat to you/find out about you, you really have to be careful!!! For example, see Taken, with Liam Neeson, going King Kong on the men who kidnapped his holidaying daughter.

Music Bank concert. Yes, I wasn’t too pleased with it. It felt way too short. The stadium was also not full, which was possibly why they cancelled the second night. The stars only performed 2-3 songs each, then disappeared and the next group would come on…then somehow, it was the end. It went by so quickly and was really forgettable. Very disappointing. 4minute didn’t sing Hot Issue or HuH, T-ara didn’t sing Bo-Peep or Cry Cry, Beast didn’t sing Shock… T____T

 Soshified. URGH don’t get me started. If anyone reading this from Soshi is from here, I’m not bashing, I’m just a really angry customer because we didn’t get our t-shirts so yes I will be a bit obnoxious; I don’t mean to be, but this is the truth and I will say exactly what happened, so here goes. I didn’t mention this in my previous post about SM Town Paris, but when we ordered t-shirts and glow sticks from Soshified, we went to the concert where they were apparently, only to find no soshi staff members except from fans who were waiting because they got fosse (floor) tickets. We had to ask the FANS where they got their t-shirt and they helped us, NOT SOSHIFIED. They told us Soshified had to bugger off because the security said they weren’t allowed to sell things on their premise or summthing like that so they went somewhere else to hand out fans’ orders. My sis and I walked EVERYWHERE and eventually found the Soshified staff under a bridge.

Like trolls.

Yes, like the trolls from the Big Billy Goats Gruff.

 Even after we got the t-shirts and glow sticks other fans looking for Soshi staff walking around started asking us where Soshified staff were because we put on our t-shirts. FANS HELPED FANS.

 Yeah, so SM Town was a bit of a disaster, so what happened at Music Bank? Basically, we were told to go to Bercy stadium ON THE DAY OF THE CONCERT at 10-12 or 3-5. We went at 3-4pm. We walked circles around the stadium and saw NO-ONE in pink t-shirts. It was cold, yes, but there’s nothing stopping staff from walking around the stadium premise in a pink t-shirt over their jacket just to help fans? After an hour with still nothing, we decided to head and get lunch. Then OH! What happened next? When we finally got access to wi-fi because we didn’t have wi-fi, there was a post from Soshified forum or twitter saying ‘WILL ALL FANS WHO DIDN’T PICK UP THEIR SHIRTS SEND AN EMAIL BECAUSE WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LAZINESS’.

 Laziness????? We walked a freaking hour and saw NO-ONE!

The way I see it, Soshified should stop organising things at the last minute. Don’t tell us ON THE DAY OF THE CONCERT. Why couldn’t they tell us the day before? And lest not we forget, we’re in a totally different country!!! We don’t know the place, and it’s already hard enough finding our way around, and you’re blaming us??? Why couldn’t you just ask for our addresses back at home and just send the damned shirts to us before the concert, like a month before? Oh yes apparently they were still designing shirts 2 weeks before the concert!??! What about people who were to arrive on the day of the concert? How would they get their shirts then? Or what about what I wrote before? Is it so hard to get someone from Soshified to wear a pink t-shirt or even carry some flag with their logo on it and walk around to tell fans because you are in fact, a seller – yes, like any other seller on Ebay – and us fans are your customers – or why couldn’t you just tape a sign on a tree? It’s good fans can help each other but stop leaving fans to do all the work and then blaming them when they can’t find you to get their orders. It’s not easy. That’s all I’m saying.

I must sound really angry, but I’m just trying to actually point out mistakes and how poorly organised they are.


 Okay, moving onto pros now. Hmmm, this is inadequately named because it’s not really pros, just the highlights of the trip since I like to start with the bad things first then finish off with something more optomistic. Umm, Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower at nighttime was really good. Shopping was fun, too. We had macaroons (see photos above). And in general, the trip was fun, but honestly, I don’t think I need to go to Paris again.

Notre Dame was awesome. I loved it. We did go inside but the pictures we took came out too dark. I loved seeing the paintings, the stained glass, the architecture of it all was truly breathtaking…


Everything of Notre Dame is so beautifully detailed *__*

You’re going to be sick of me saying this but – I love Notre Dame!

Here is Petis Palais. Get off at the metro stop Champs Elysees Clemencau, Line 1

Here are some more Music Bank pictures:

Oh yes, and before I forget – here is the BEST picture of Music Bank which I took. It’s Taemin from SHINee, when he was singing with other artists for the Special Stage. They had screens on the side so I took a pic of the screen.



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