Hellsing Ultimate Journal Review!

I’ve never reviewed merchandise before so it’s slightly refreshing to write this…I haven’t seen much product reviews on the Hellsing Ultimate Journal which I got from Amazon a few days ago for 8 bucks. It came in the post today, and I got it because…well, I’m a big Hellsing fan and I saw the journal and I was like ‘Hey, a journal…oh wait it’s not just a journal, it’s a HELLSING journal! Neat!’ so I got it and so here is a review on it.

Of course you can probably go on youtube to see if anyone’s made a video on it or if you have a friend who owns this journal then this post won’t really help you much.

So here is the front cover of the journal (I drew on the photos, sorry. I couldn’t help myself and the lighting of the photos could be better, yes? This was taken with my Panasonic Lumix!):

Front cover. It's red, holographic and shiny, like a rare pokemon card

 When you open it, you get this…

Pages have a bloodspray background as mentioned

 After 2 pages of screenshots in the bottom left and top right corner, screenshots such as Integra’s eye, another Walter picture, and Alucard’s eyes and the barrel of the Casull, we have this:

There's not much to it, really

 …Seriously, there’s not a lot to it.

I’ll give this journal a 3/5 stars, namely because I like the shiny hardback cover so much, but the journal itself is let down by the…well, it doesn’t appear they put much effort into it at all! HMPH If I took over production I’d know what I’d do. Maybe they should let the product merchandising and designing to fans because fans know what they want!!!


2 thoughts on “Hellsing Ultimate Journal Review!

  1. Elina says:

    Hi there, thank you oh so so much for your review of this notepad. I was tempted to get one myself as I’m also a Hellsing fangirl. It looks kinda cheap and they didn’t put as much effort as I would hoped for… Your blog seems interesting, I took a small look at it. Anyways, I hope life’s been treating you ok, if you are interested, I would gladly hear from you, by email, or on this blog! If you want to tell me if your “nest” is somewhere else on the web since it’s been a month since the last update ^^’

    If you’d like to contact me, please do so. Not hitting you or anything by the way, I’m pretty new at making new contacts, that’s all 😛

    • Fish and Chips says:

      Hello! You’re very welcome ^_^ I like helping out people so it was no bother at all! Erm, this is my main blog haha 🙂 I have another but I don’t bother posting much on it cos I don’t like the layout :p

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