Popteen December Issue 2011

Popteen December cover with Kumicky

Yes, Yes, I know it’s January but I’m posting a DECEMBER issue;. EH late pleash?

I don’t have a lot of inspiration to blog anything these days, nor does my life seem exciting these past few weeks so I’m just going to post up some pages of the Popteen magazine my dad got me when he was in Hong Kong. Popteen is a magazine for the ‘gal’ look, a fashion trend in Japan. I find it’s less outrageous than gyaru or ganguro, and is popular with girls from their teens to those in their early twenties.

An interesting thing about Popteen magazine is that they have a section about the models themselves. This time, they asked the models if they became a man, what would they be?


"I want to become a hot hairdresser" (You can be a haridresser if you're a girl too)

 Then they asked another model… (PS she just got into Jang Geun Suk. It’s about time!!!)
“I’d like to become a No.1 male host”

 And another…

"I want become a bald man" (really??? what's so great about that?)

 These girls are crazy xD If I became a man, I’d like to become motorbike gang leader or a mafia godfather.

Ohhh yeah!


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