It’s my birthday todayyyyyyyyy!

Thought you ought to know! Yesiree, December the 4th is Fish and Chips’ birthday. But this year I’ve decided to tone it down and not go out as I usually would. Besides, it’s freezing outside! I used tod read my birthday, partially because I shared my birthday with another girl in my class back in school and she invited everybody to her party and invited me too. I guess that saved me the bother and I got to have her cake too, haaaah. But no, the worse thing was…


…or Christmas dancing, whatever. If my birthday was a PE day, I knew it wouldn’t be very fun because I hate social dancing with a passion. My birthday was always ruined by social dancing. We had stupid dances like the Gay Gordons, the Dashing White Sergeant and the Chicken dance or whatever the hell it was called. All I can say is, my birthdays when I was at school was usually hellish and dastardly. I always wanted it to be a perfect day but something would always have to come and ruin it.

Well, the past few years whilst I was at University were awesome birthdays. And I hope next year would be great, too!


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