What Happened to You, Supernatural Season 6?

I’m having a bit of a rant here; first off, I am a HUGE Supernatural fan. I love Dean and Sam to bits, and I am on neither side (as in, I do not like one brother more than the other but I love them both) and I do support their bromance. I recently got the newest season on DVD for my sister’s birthday; I didn’t watch it on TV because we’d gotten rid of satellite TV but anyway, my whole point is…

Season 5 was the best. Watching Dean witness Sam fall into Hell with Michael and Lucifer was heartbreaking. His utter helplessness and his devastation moved a few stubborn heartstrings of mine, maybe more. I shed tears. I was so keen about Season 6 and when it finally came out… I’m a little disappointed.

It feels different. It’s not as witty as it was before and the plot seems a little weak compared to Season 5. Season 5 was a whirlwind of adventure, brotherly love, angel massacre and utter, glorious chaos. But that’s what makes Supernatural Supernatural, and who could forget the episode where Dean became an old man and the episode where the trickster finally but tragically died by the hands of his brother (I really liked him in that season, actually).

Season 6…I’m disappointed…..TT_TT


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