I found my very first fanfiction poster

 If you have ever PM-ed me, I may have told you that before I began writing on Fanfiction.net, I was part of another fanfiction website called Winglin.net.

It’s the most horrible piece of web technology I have ever used, I mean, it’s the most horrendous fanfiction website ever concocted because it was uncategorised and consisted of this HUGE page with nothing but stories, no summaries, no anything, which is why I moved on and there weren’t any anime/manga fans, either. So yes, I found my first fanfiction poster – Winglin had an interesting feature in which your fanfiction was given its own special page. You could make a poster and post it up, and you could change the colour of your fanfic page, the font colour, everything. Stories could be written format or script format. There was also no review count, which is people were also blissfully oblivious and happier writing there.

I can’t really remember my first fanfiction, except it was ridiculous and I wrote like a Noob and I’m sure I hated it!

Oh my gawdddd!

So…I started writing in Winglin back in 2001. I’ve been writing for 10 years. Wow. I think it’s time I retired!


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