Persona 4 the Animation + random screenshots


Finally! Persona 4 The Animation is finally out! Although… it’s actually been out for some time, I just managed to find the time to download the episodes. I watched the first and second episode only, and have some screenshots to share with you guys ^^

For those who are unfamiliar with Persona 4, it is an RPG game where you play as a silent protagonist who travels from the main city to a quiet countryside town called Inaba, where grisly murders happen just in time of your arrival! Way-hey! Apparently there’s this thing called the ‘Midnight channel’, a show on TV that goes on at midnight on rainy days. Unfortunately, it seems to show people are getting thrown into actual TVs themselves, landing up in another spooky foggy world called the TV World and getting themselves bumped off. Then, during your school adventures, you meet random people who somehow all show up on the Midngiht channel and you must save them before time runs out while solving the mystery of the TV Midnight Channel, the TV World and find the suspect behind the murders.

It’s better than Scooby Doo!

The main protagonist also speaks, and is called Narukami Yu. Although most of his lines so far as been ‘Yeah’ and ‘Eh?’. The series is really faithful to the game, although some bits have been changed. For instance we see some scenes of the game far more in-depth, including an upclose of Mitsuo, the creepy ass guy who tried to ask Yukiko out. They also incorporated the game soundtracks into the actual anime which was really cool (all the Persona games have good music), and even the changing-the-day-weather-forecast thing was incorporated, too. when it’s time for a break, we also see a clip of the protagonist’s stats.

Narukami's stats


Episode 1 introduced Narukami, who moves fromTokyoto Inaba to live with his Uncle Ryotaro Dojima and his daughter Nanako, and how he awakened his persona, Izanagi.


Persona 4 made wearing glasses cool

Episode 2 was all about how Yosuke awakened his persona, Jiraiya. In the game, battling Shadow Yosuke was a boss battle but in the anime, it was done by Narukami punching Yosuke to knock some sense into him before Izanagi finished with a Zio skill. I felt really sorry for Yosuke both in the game and anime. Everyone thinks he’s annoying and he said he knew he acted annoying but I thought that was really harsh. I thought Yosuke had a great personality in the game. In fact, all the characters in this anime/game had awesome personalities that really brought out the game in general. I couldn’t see why Saki Konishi was so two-faced to him. I hate two-faced people! (personal experience, lol).

 Although I thought Persona 4 actually had quite a ridiculous and mindboggling plot, it works out as an anime because in anime, anything can happen.

Teddie is so cute!


Here are more random screenshots:


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