SM Town Paris June 2011

The Arc de Triomphe

I never did write about the time I went to see SM Town inParis, did I? Okay, so here comes my bragging – ahem, I mean…Telling K-Pop fans What Happened…

SM Town encompasses Korean artists such as SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x) and TVXQ, It was back in June so I do remember some parts; we went for the two concerts in Paris at this really shady concert venue called Le Zenith at an equally shady Metro train station called Port du Pantin. We got seats close to the stars and of course, paid an absolute fortune. We weren’t as close as the people standing by the stage in the fosse area, but we were definitely not as far as those in the Cat 1 section. And man, what a concert! I came out with no voice for three days, a constant ringing noise in my ears, as well as a substantial loss in weight since I spent 3 hours doing nothing but stand and cheer, twice in a row.

The RER double decker train in France

The first concert was very busy. We waited outside for at least half an hour before the actual thing began. Tonnes of fans were packed outside, in their Genie outfits, in their TVXQ t-shirts, with their Super Junior glow-in-the-dark wristbands etc etc. Cameramen kept coming but fortunately it was raining so we hid behind an umbrella.

Some SHInee fans who let me take their picture

When we got in, it was like being in your very first theme park. People ran around, excited, fuelled with adrenaline and jumpiness. We found our section of seats only to realise a woman would come and help you find your seat, then good-humouredly stand and ask you to pay them, or tip. While I thought that was downright strange and pretty stupid, it actually speeded up the entire process of filling up all the seats. The standing part, where people could stand by the stage and see them upclose, was called ‘Fosse’ and were the cheapest seats. It meant you had to stay at the concert venue for at least 3 hours prior the concert just so you could get a good standing spot, and if you needed the bathroom while the concert went on – well, let’s just say your spot will be taken over!

After Fosse, was Prestige, I think, which are the closest seats. After Prestige, was VIP. VIP and Prestige came with goodie bags. We sat in VIP in the second concert so we had two goodie bags – they weren’t that great – it was just an SM Town towel, a smaller SM Town towel, and photos of random SM Town artists. We got SHINee and Super Junior. Anyway, after VIP seats were Cat 1 seats, and these were the worst since you would’ve seen ants dancing. We got Cat 1 seats from ebay at first, but later sold them for the VIP seats instead.

The first concert had everyone doing a Mexican wave, which is typical of Europeans, I suppose. The second didn’t have a very good Mexican wave. However, at the end of the second concert, everyone began chanting ‘Saranghae’ and Taeyon cried. The first concert had more interaction with all the stars whereas the second concert, they felt a little distant from the crowd. My sister was in charge of camera and video-ing duty but I also took some videos and photos when I had the chance and I was on screaming duty, ie, trying to attract the stars with my screaming since I can actually scream like a harpy. So when Yoona and Jessica waved at us since I was screaming their names out as they passed, I was ecstatic to see they’d seen our glow-in-the-dark pink SNSD t-shirts and giant SNSD foam hearts and pink glowsticks with their names on it. Unfortunately, my sister didn’t see it, nor did she get them waving to us on camera and when she came home to check the videos out, she bawled for a good few hours or so.

This was the only picture we took of SNSD that turned out right. The rest were blurry

The concerts started with F(x) and Lachata, followed by Crystal telling us that she was going to sing Tik Tok with her sister Jessica. Following that was a surprise stage appearance by SHINee who sang a song from the Boys over Flowers series. Then following that was a blur as everyone went crazy. What can I say? Those 3 hours of nothing but songs, dancing, cheering, screaming flew by like a tape on fast-forward. Also, we noticed that when SNSD came out, they sound like chipmunks, but that was probably because of the microphones and because they were singing live since Tiffany yelled ‘PARIS PUT IT BACK ON’ during Genie. Also, Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk danced to Single Ladies and Crazy in Love in drag, while Leeteuk looked like he enjoyed it immensely, Heechul impersonated Lady GaGa and done a Pokerface skit, becoming Lady HeeHee.


We took a lot of SHINee photos. SHINee andSuper Junior photos came out okay. SNSD, f(X) and TVXQ photos came out too blurry and some just don’t make sense. Gutted!

The SHINee and SJ photos actually turned out really good!

SHINee performed Ring Ding Dong, Lucifer, Amigo, Ready or Not and some more.

Super Junior sang and danced to Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, No Other and U (I think), they also did a more R n B cover of Sorry Sorry. SNSD sang and danced to Oh!, Genie, Hoot, Gee and Run Devil Run, f(X) performed Danger, Lachata, Gangsta Boy, Nu Abo and Chu. TVXQ actually came out during the middle of the concert, they sang Mirotic, Why and Maximum. They also sang a SM family cover of the YG Family A-Yo song, where some of the stars ran past the audience. Key ran past during the first concert but we were mobbed by cameras ourselves and couldn’t get a photo, then in the second concernt, Shindong ran past me because we were sitting right at the edge. He was quite pimply. Overall, a very life-changing and much sorely missed experience. SM Town, come back, I miss you alreadyyyyyyyyy!!!


10 thoughts on “SM Town Paris June 2011

      • Fish and Chips says:

        lol oh yeah. just when we were waiting to get the airport bus in the city, we saw this big group of girls outside a hotel and we went to see what was happening and they told us they think it was the hotel TVXQ was staying in. lol we waited with them but we didn’t see anyone xD

      • Tofubyu says:

        last year when BigBang came to NZ for their North Face photoshoot, I went with my friends to the airport at 4am in the morning to await their arrival and we waited until 12ish before being told that they had taken a private plane D:

      • Fish and Chips says:

        now that’s just cruel XO you didn’t get to see them at all?? so this guy just came over after you waited for 8 something hours and told you they had already had gone??? geez that sucks TT_TT It’s pretty tough to see Kpop stars. i found out that there was this major strike because a lot of people didn’t get tickets for SM Town europe because the Korean fans bought them and didn’t even go ><

      • Tofubyu says:

        Actually there were these korean guys wearing North Face jackets and stuff so some fans went over to ask if they were Big Bang’s staff. One of them knew english though which was good o.o
        Maybe it’s because the Korean’s don’t like all the international attention?

      • Tofubyu says:

        so if they get really famous internationally,they’d probably spend more time outside of korea and stuff which means less eyecandy for the korean fans…
        lol idk ~_~

      • Fish and Chips says:

        pretty much yep (or at least thats what I think too). I also heard they thought they were protecting their idols but EH excuse me, after they came to Europe the first time, they have come at least twice and after they filmed the fans here they began filming fans in most korean performance now >_> We’re obviously better because we did the mexican wave haha ^_^””

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