Manga Review: Wild@Heart, or Wild! My Crazy Ass Boyfriend

LOL okay I’m just joking with this post’s title. It’s not ‘Crazy Ass Boyfriend’, it’s something like ‘Sassy Bodyguard’ <– there goes my poor translation. It would be great if it was Crazy Ass because he really is quite crazy ass. The english translation is ‘Wild@Heart’, but meh. This shoujo manga was created by Natsumi Ando and only went for 3 volumes however, which is a bit of a shame considering other shoujo go for up to 10 or more.


Phew, so, eye-catching title aside, another plus is the artwork is — okay, I will use this word no matter how tacky — delightful (lol). It’s very straightforward, simple and isn’t overbearing or overdramatic like some shoujo. No over-use of sparkles or glitter or other emotional manga screen tones and certainly no over the top plotlines. The main characters are Senno, a high school girl with a knack for getting crushes on the wrong guy and Hyou, the sassy self-proclaimed and unrefined bodyguard who enjoys licking Sen’s cheek to show his affection for her (yes, you read that right).

The plot is that Sen ‘s father is an adventurer/explorer of some sort and during his adventures in the jungle one day, he is saved from some mean hungry lion by a teenage Mowgli-outcast who looks a cross between Captain Caveman and Tarzan. So Sen’s father takes him back to Japan where his family unofficially adopt him; Sen’s father shows him a picture of Sen and he gets a lil obsessed with her, like, deciding that he wants to protect her and stuff but when Sen meets him she isn’t impressed because he has no knowledge of this modern man world, swings around the place, destroying crap (mostly her crap) and decided she had enough, she yells at him to go back to the jungle from which he came from and runs off.

She later realises how much of a bitch she was to him when her father tells her he gave him Sen’s picture to show that he wasn’t alone and to give him strength to come to Japan in the first place, so Sen tries to find him and apologise to him and ends up falling off this building (a monkey was involved, somehow) until she is saved by this handsome stranger in modern clothes who swung over to her using a telephone cable and is… le gasp!… is actually Hyou the Tarzan-caveman but with a haircut and a decent shave! Thus begins our unfortunately short-lived romance between civilised lady, and Tarzan-caveman. 

Sen tries to stop a kiss from happening. You'll understand if you read Chapters 4-5

Overall, it’s a very cute manga. But because it is only 3 volumes long, it was far too brief and it is hard to feel for characters nor was there much character development. There also should have been more side stories and not random omake stories with different characters who don’t even relate to the story whatsoever. If you are looking for a romance manga with decent humour that is extremely short, then this is for you!

it's either 'Wild@Heart' or 'Wild Damon' - I don't get it, really


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