Manga Review: Dogs: Bullets and Carnage

I don’t really think I write good reviews; they serve more as introductions. Partially because it’s up to you if you like the manga/anime I tell you about…you know, it’s really up to you guys to go and find if you like it or not, so there’s not much of my opinion or too much detail because I don’t like spoiling things for other people, either.

Today, I bring to you Dogs – if you like finger-chopping, thigh-busting, cheek-munching violence then this is the manga for you.

It's finger-chopping, thigh-busting, cheek-munching GOOD!

Although, I read the first chapter, and didn’t have a clue about what it was about. Then I read the next, and the next one after that, and I still had no clue. Maybe it was the translation I was using, but…no, not really. Overall, I wasn’t very impressed. The whole concept has already been done. Nothing about Dogs stand out, not even the characters. To make them interesting, there’s a white haired guy called Haine (sorry, every time I think that I just keep thinking heinie, which is obviously slang for arse. THERE, I SAID IT), who supposedly has a ‘Dog’ within him (another personality who is bloodthirsty and crazy). it revolves around him and his violent, gun-toting exploits.

It is indeed a carnage of violence, awesome art and a stupid plot about a world with no seasons and genetically altered people and underground guys who beat each other up for no reason coupled with random characters, like little lethal twin girls who giggle and act like airheads and seem to have fun throwing someone’s car off a bridge. But’s that just me and the translation I was using. The art also seems to be inspired by a mix of Bleach and D-Gray Man. You know, I’ve seen so many artists on deviantart who try to draw like Tite Kubo.

The only up side is I rather enjoy senseless violence and it’s got very good action sequences; very stylish indeed…there are some mangaka when they just draw things you honestly don’t understand with some panels just leaving you scratching your head in confusion but this manga is as clear as day.

I have mixed feelings towards this manga. Its kinda good, but also not good. Geddit? Ahh, well, I shall look for something else.

'I'm gunna kill you', that's what he's saying

Ps. Giovanni kinda looks like Ichimaru…

He's wearing a suit! And he's wearing these funky sunglasses! And he's wielding guns! Who is this dude? What? it's not Ichimaru? Awww


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