I hate Big Spiders and I do not lie… I also make another blog

It’s spider season again! They’re coming out all over my house in every nook and cranny, in the bathroom, the bedroom,  the living room! AHHHH! I hate spiders. I won’t post a picture of a spider here because I know I am not the only arachnaphobe here (did I spell that correctly?). But yes, those horrible eight legged abominations are back and bigger than ever. Darn you, global warming. I don’t think it’s a myth.

Why, yesterday night around 9-ish at night my sister screamed at the top of the lungs. I was working on my laptop and trying to fix my tablet while my sister was watching TV.

She’d seen it.

She’d seen a spider. It was brown and huge, with thin legs but a tiny body. It was HUGE, the size of a golf ball at least…okay, maybe not that big, but roughly that size. I don’t know which ones I hate more – spiders with tiny bodies and gigantic legs, or the ones with phat bodies and teeny tiny legs? I don’t mind tiny spiders – I can still scoop them up and shove them out the window – but big ones? I can’t. I just can’t.

So this spider, this big huge brown spider, it was making its way to the kitchen, where the door was wide open. We screamed; my sister shot up and I did too and suddenly we were standing on the sofa going Ohhhh my gosh close the door close the door! but it wouldn’t stop it from crawling inside. In fact, it crawled faster and was squeezing itself under our refrigerator in seconds. The worse thing was, the bug spray was inside the kitchen and we no longer dared set foot inside. Not even to get water. Usually, we would get mum or dad to squash it, but conveniently for us, they were not at home.

Spider: 1
Fish and Chips and her sister: 0


I also make another blog, or made. I went to Google instead. They don’t have many layouts but I clicked ‘Create blog’. It’s also more far more fiddly than WordPress so I’ll just use that blog for… I dunno, like a twitter, I guess. I never really understood twitter. It’s okay for celebrities to use twitter, so fans and followers will be updated.

But me?

What could I possibly tweet about?

One of my friends has a twitter. He writes things like ‘Went out to get pizza’ or ‘Saw City of Angels at 3am in the morning’ and ‘Went out jogging and saw a homeless man’. See? I really don’t get it.

Here is the link: http://fishandchipsmakesanotherblog.blogspot.com/


2 thoughts on “I hate Big Spiders and I do not lie… I also make another blog

  1. Bizz says:

    The larger the spider, the quicker I leave the room. I’m not afraid of a lot of stuff, but spiders, wasps and snakes just send me in the other direction…

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