Gamezone Magazine scans September Issue 2011

Heeeey, you guys must be pretty interested in seeing what Gamezone had to offer, so here are some scans:

It featured 2 pages for Final Fantasy 13-2 with information about gameplay, cinematics, and a spoiler about the main characters, mainly Noel.

Bottom of image - older versions of Hope and Snow

There were also pictures of the older versions of Hope and Snow, who looks slightly better. Nobody knows who the guy Lightning is fighting with, however.

Batman: Arkham City also had a 1 page feature, with screenshots of Mr Freeze, the Joker and Catwoman.

Persona 4 Ultimate. A beat-em-up featuring the cast from Persona 4. It was quite inevitable something like this would happen. But why is Aegis there?

Soul Calibur 5, introducing a new character Viola and Astaroth’s new character design

A new RPG game from Sega for PSP called 7th Dragon 2020 which uses a character class system. Hatsune Miku is also important in its promotion; it’s official website is already up and you can see there are ‘classes’ such as Samurai, Psychic and Hacker. I am liking the character designs very much ^^

A crossover game between Kingdom Hearts and World Ends with You for Nintendo DS, I think. Also, images of shadows are displayed, including a cat-like shadow.

Top of page only

Umm, this was featured in the free magazine with K-On on the cover. It showed an anime called Brave 10 and Sengoku Basara, the otome game version.

There was not much about otome games, only a tiny bit  about Vitamin X and some game called Fab Style or something where you can dress up your character.


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