A rant about my favourite video games -spoilers-

This is the post where I reveal how much of a nerd I am. I was inspired by that show on Information TV called ‘The Video Game Show’ (which is now called ‘Pwned’. WHY????) and people’s Listmanias in Amazon so decided I should make my own.

These are not in any particular order. Most of these video games are my favourite because they are the ones that have had an ‘astounding’ effect on me. Whether or not these ‘effects’ have been beneficiary are not…well, I’m not really sure.  Expect spoilers!

Let’s start 😀

Final Fantasy 10

This was my favourite game for a few years or so. I don’t play it now but it is still my all-time favourite. I was quite surprised by how much people said they hated this game because it felt far too much like a movie. If it weren’t for the cutscenes and the drama, I wouldn’t actually have felt anything for the characters. If it was always in-game dialogue, I would feel like an outsider to events. Anyway, Final Fantasy X was the first PS2 game I played and thus has a profound special meaning to me. It introduced me to the world of role-playing and the fact that levelling up until your characters can deal 99,999 on one single monster is very satisfying indeed. The plot was great – some big huge monster is terrorising the world of Spira and what better than a few individuals who group together to try and defeat it? The best thing was that there was a religion in this game, too. Although the romance side felt a bit….well, let’s just say the romance of Final Fantasy X didn’t appeal to me as much as I think it was supposed to be (the scene where Tidus and Yuna kiss in the Macalania Lake and when they suddenly go spiralling underwater and there’s globs of crystals and sparkly lights flying around didn’t quite do it for me unfortunately).

And out of all the Final Fantasy critters, from the Esper Zodiark to the Eidolon Hecatoncheir, the aeon Anima pwns. None are as badass as Anima. Enough said.

Anima was one of the hidden aeons

SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom

Yes, really. I miss it when fighting games were 2D and the character sprites were so blurry even if you squint you couldn’t even see their fingernails. I’m surprised myself I added this game to my list. It’s not because it’s a good game. Actually, I consider SVC Chaos the worst fighting game I’ve ever played, but it was the first fighting game I owned, and I bought it because I played King of Fighters at my cousins a few years ago and I enjoyed it so much I began hunting around for King of Fighters and found SVC Chaos first.

I don’t have SVC Chaos anymore; I sold it. I liked playing it when I first got it, but then the magic wore off and it was shoved to the back of my cupboard to gather up dust along with my Gameboy Colour and Harry Potter game cartridge, then I sold it to some guy on Amazon. SVC Chaos had characters like Violent Ken, Orochi Iori, an alien called… Martianman or something, and even Megaman. And beating Ryu with Iori is fun.

 The Sims 2

Need I say more? I can’t get enough of this game. Yes, I am sad enough to watch little people on my laptop screen live far more successful lives than I am at the moment. It’s still addicting. And you never get tired of building your own dream homes, nor do you get tired of scouring all four corners of the internet to look for custom content.

Touya gets a job as a Deep Sea Excavator

Assassin’s Creed

 This is one of the best games I have played on my Playstation 3. I didn’t have the HD cable for the first Assassin’s Creed, so Altair was a bit blurry and so were the surroundings. When I finally plugged in the High Definition for Assassin’s Creed 2, I was blown away. Jumping off a huge tower and into a stack of hay without even breaking any bones has never felt so good. The graphics are stunning. The maps are HUGE. Getting lost is common. You skulk around in a hoodie and kill people with the square button, you climb and leap from building to building, and you outrun guards and ride horses in the beautiful but vast medieval countryside… Every gamer’s dream come true, I suppose.

After playing AC2, I really wanted to visit Venice

Batman: Arkham Asylum

 I was sceptical about this game. Any Batman game or video game adapted from movies… I’ve always been wary about, but I was wrong about Batman Arkham Asylum. It puts that book called the ‘Guide to being Batman’ or whatever to shame and encompasses everything you want.

The ultimate showdown?

You can throw batarangs, glide with your cape, swing from gargoyle to gargoyle on a piece of elastic string, and somehow, punching the living daylights out of robbers who all want a piece of you is surprisingly fun. I did forget the plot though half way through but the fun factor was 10/10.

 Most memorable line in the game:

 (From Joker to Batman): “What are you scared of most, Batman? Seeing me? In a thong???”

 It was something along the lines like that. Me wanna see!

 Kingdom Hearts

 I felt unwell from playing this game at the start. The camera moved too fast and I gave up after ten minutes, but I’d seen how popular it was and didn’t want to sit it out and miss everything. I’m glad I didn’t.

As much as I didn’t think I would give into the pressures of society, or feel as though I should ‘follow the crowd’, I forced myself to play Kingdom Hearts and surprisingly enough, I adapted.

The game got me into action/real time adventure-genre games. Role play is fun but battles are always very…well, in Final Fantasy X, it took you a different screen and all you did was press X and wait until the battle was over. But in Kingdom Hearts the entire world was your oyster! But I do remember I got lost in Wonderland and flew into a rage.

And it’s Disney! It’s all about Disney, plus Japanese manga/anime people, and Final Fantasy character cameos! You get to see Donald and Goofy fightin’ by your side and killing shadow thingies! Who wouldn’t want to see that??!!

Super Mario + Yoshi’s Island

By Super Mario, I mean Super Mario USA (or Super Mario Bros 2) and Mario Kart. I LOVE Mario Kart. I have the Wii version. It’s the best thing since fish and chips! I never thought myself a competitive person, but I go nuts on Mario Kart. Even my friends and family have called me ruthless when it comes to virtual racing. I also get road rage. Whoever thought of Super Mario is a god. But whoever produced the Super Mario movie…well, let’s just say he/she should be thrown into a pit of hungry wolves.

I love Yoshi’sIsland, too. I could play it for hours and hours and hours and hours and never get bored. Yoshi’sIslandtells you that throwing eggs can be fun and the accompanied ‘Wah’ sound that Yoshi makes is toooo cute XD I even got K a Yoshi doll for Christmas. I’m expecting one in return. Haha, just kidding. The Yoshi’sIsland2 for the DS was slightly harder. The first was terribly fun and addicting. Yoshi is my favourite character in the whole Super Mario franchise, followed by the Toad; I call them mushroom guys, but whatever.


…wow, this is one uber LOOoooooNnnNGGG rant. All for Pokemon, too. and it’s JUST Pokemon. I’m such a nerd.

I remember my first Pokemon game. It was Pokemon Red. I picked Bulbasaur. He was rubbish. You didn’t even need him for the Elite 4. Sorry, Bulbasaur fans, but Squirtle was always my favourite.

I always remember Gary and his 'Smell ya later!'. Feh I'll smell you later beetch

I wondered what could be better than Pokemon Red and they bring in Pokemon Yellow where you get Pikachu to stay true to the anime series…. Then they bring in Pokemon Gold and Silver (which I think is also good), with a new map, new Pokemon and Day and Night function. Awesome!

And then what do they do?

They bring Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, then they remake Red and Blue and call it Firered and Leafgreen…then there’s Diamond andPearl… and Platinum…and finally…Pokemon Black and White.

I remember when pokemon first came out. They threw everything at us – Pokemon cards, pokemon stickers, Pokedexes, pokemon movies and even plastic Pokeballs. I even taped the goddamned show and downloaded the Pokerap (SUUUUUPER NERDDDD).

Who would hate pokemon? Well, I hate the pokemon anime series. It was okay when it first came out. Now it’s like… what, the fifth or sixth generation, with about 600+ pokemon. I haven’t bothered learning the new pokemon at all. They seem pretty ridiculous and some designs make you gasp like a goldfish out of water because it’s just that bad. There’s even a new pokemon based on GARBAGE. Like wtf! They’re running out of ideas. Wait! Let’s get Team Rocket and get them to ‘blast off again’ to bring back the audience! Yeah…if you’re like…5 years old or something. The last Pokemon episode I saw – I was watching it with my 6 year old hyperactive cousin (his name is Corey and he is adorable). I traded him my Suicune because he demanded it. Sigh.

Anyway, the episode had that guy called Ash Ketchup… sorry, Ketchum, with new companions… I didn’t know who they were, but they were irritating as hell, or maybe the English dub made them irritating as hell. Ash still had Pikachu with him. It was a WTF moment again. Ash hadn’t aged and he was even worse than before. The same went for Pikachu. You know what Pokemon should do? Make some sitcom about how Ash is old and now trying to hook up with a girl and settle down and have kids and raise pokemon eggs. Pikachu should be old and coughing like a geezer, not scurrying around and thundershocking everything it sees. That would probably bring in an audience in their mid-30’s and be mildly successful. Of course Pokemon is aimed at kids. I don’t think the games are, since recently, a new trend has appeared – breeding, EV training, and IV training – where you force Pokemon to get it on with each other or with that pink goo with a smiley face and make sure they have the right natures before EV training them so they will have higher stats compared to other pokemon.

If you want to know know, I am a proud owner of an EV-trained Metagross, Salamence, Starmie, Garchomp and Gallade. Here is my Trainer card:


Truth to be told, Pokemon will probably NEVER die out. It’s not a phase or craze. It’s like a part-of-your-life thing. They’ll always be finding new ways to make Pokemon more interesting. There’ll be Pokemon Grey, then Pokemon Rainbow or something when they finally run out of colours.

Master of Olympus

Master of Olympus was my first PC game. It’s a city-building game based in Ancient Greek. You start off with money, a large piece of land, and then you have to build houses, wells, farms, livestock etc etc and look after your citizens and make your city successful and strong. Usually a Greek God will come and kill some people because they just hate you for no reason. The same goes for some Greek monsters, like the Maenad, the Talos, and Medusa. Some of the playthroughs will even have you conquering other cities, which I like to do. Muhahaha. It brings out the sadistic dictator in me.


I started with Persona 3 first. I was mildly surprised to see the way to evoke the Persona was to use a gun and shoot your head. Highly imaginative but also somewhat worrying…There’s something weird about Persona. I mean, there’s a freaky Persona called Mara, I think, that suspiciously resembles a man’s Uh-oh only it has a mouth, eyes and has special powers. Or it appears that way…. Err…but then there are very suggestive female Persona. Aside from sexualised Personas, the game was fun. You went toJapaneseHigh School(they go to school on a Saturday!), experienced Japanese holidays, and got to beat up monsters that appear at midnight in a place called Tartarus. Although because I am a girl, I didn’t get the dating side since you played as a male protagonist. Therefore, I found it refreshing when Persona 3 Portable came out because you could play as a girl and experience the game in a different perspective. For once, you could ‘date’ Akihiko and even Ken if you really wanted to.

Please don’t google Mara up now. It might scar you.

Now for the scary stuff….

Project Zero/Fatal Frame

I love scary games. There’s something about me, in which I like scaring myself. I like to watch a good scary movie now and then. But scary games bring about a different fear in me where I get scared so bad, I can’t play it for another two or three days. Project Zero, as it is called in theUK, does exactly that to me.

Arrrghhh! take a picture! take a picture nooooooow!

The first was really scary.

Urgh what is he? well whatever he is, he ain't going on the cover of the Men's Fitness magazine

The second was…okay, not that bad. The third wasn’t scary at all, until I got to the last quarter of the game. So I find the first the scariest; there was something extremely unsettling about the atmosphere. It had spooky music and it was all dark. It is a game where the protagonist Miku, goes into a supposedly haunted manor to find her missing brother, who went in there a few days ago. She finds an old camera and is attacked by a ghost. You have to use the camera to fight ghosts, so you go into First Person mode and then you have to desperately fend off the ghost using the camera’s supernatural powers and its film, find your brother, solve the mystery behind the manor and survive.

You can find this concept daft but being a very….well, I’m not superstitious or anything, and I don’t believe in ghosts, but…it’s still a very terrifying experience. The ghosts aren’t pretty either (see photo to left):

Silent Hill 2

Ahhh, good ol’ Silent Hill. Silent Hill the movie and the game, Homecoming didn’t exactly represent the best of what Silent Hill embodies, nor did it do it justice.

Despite having some 'interesting' character designs, Silent Hill Homecoming felt...a little lacking compared to the other SH games

I like Silent Hill 2 the best. Maybe because Pyramid Head is in it. Why are people so obsessed with Pyramid Head? He’s just a guy who wears nothing but a bloodied apron supposedly made from human skin and a pyramid helmet who drags around a great knife behind him. He twitches and makes disturbing noises and there are cutscenes where he is ‘raping’ or killing monsters or doing some other gruesome act to them with his great knife. You probably don’t know if he even has a head. Why would anyone like that? I don’t know, but it seems a lot of people do. I’ve seen some Pyramid Head x OC stories in the Silent Hill fanfiction archive. And some Harry x Pyramid Head.

Silent Hill 2 was sad. Scary, but sad. The plot was something like a movie, but that was good. I liked that. I like psychological thrillers and bluntly speaking, Silent Hill is more than a video game where you just kill kill kill, save some random person, defeat the evil bad guy and the world is saved. You play as troubled characters who is just an Average Joe. He’s not some beefed up, steroid-infused super soldier who can wield a machine gun or can steer a helicopter. No, all of Silent Hill heroes are just people down the street; people who can’t fight and can’t run ten metres without stopping for breath…So what happens when you shove Average Joe into a monster-infested town? You arm him with a steel pipe, of course.

I think the most unforgetable thing about Silent Hill is their endings; who can ever forget those UFO endings?

Especially with that Dog ending where James finds out all the events of Silent Hill were actually controlled by a dog on a computer. Then the dog began singing the ending song. Altogether now! Bark Bark Bark Bark Woof Woof Woof Woof Howl *cue flying pizzas and a picture of muscular James as the credits roll*


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